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  • Understanding How Your Medical Aid Scheme Works
    Few people in South Africa could meet the cost of major surgery and a lengthy period in hospital from their own pockets. Under the existing two-tier healthcare system, just over 70 per cent of the nation’s citizens rely on state-funded public facilities. The remainder receives their care from the private… Read more »
  • Understanding Hospital Plans in South Africa
    The vast number of people who have died or became seriously ill due to the Covid-19 pandemic has served as a stark reminder of how much we should value our health. Those who knows that maintaining one’s health can often be a costly proposition. If not for hospital plans, many more… Read more »
  • Things to Note when making a Medical Aid Comparison
    Many of those engaged in formal employment will be fortunate enough to have no reason to concern themselves with the finer details of performing a medical aid comparison. Their employer will have arranged assistance with their private healthcare expenses through one of South Africa’s seventy or so closed schemes. In such… Read more »
  • Providing More Affordable Medical Aid for South Africans
    Providing More Affordable Medical Aid for South Africans The Covid-19 pandemic claimed the lives of almost 90 000 South Africans. This disastrous event highlighted the vulnerable nature of our health we so often take for granted. The state hospitals could not have coped without the support of private healthcare services,… Read more »
  • Medical Aid Benefits to Consider for 2023
    Medical Aid Quotes – Benefits to Consider for 2023 The future is uncertain, that is definitely true. Being prepared for what the future might hold is something you need to think about, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. So, how does… Read more »
  • Many South Africans are Confused about Hospital Plans
    Many South Africans are Confused about Hospital Plans Despite lingering misunderstandings concerning healthcare funding, there is one aspect of this subject on which most South Africans firmly agree – that the majority of the nation’s citizens need help to cover their medical expenses. Today, there are four ways to obtain… Read more »
  • How You and Your Family Could Benefit From a Hospital Plan?
    How You and Your Family Could Benefit From a Hospital Plan Due to the continuing global financial crisis, many South Africans cannot afford a comprehensive medical aid product. A hospital plan could be their best option. Healthcare costs are constantly increasing, but the trend has intensified during the last two… Read more »
  • What is a Hospital Plan?
    What is a Hospital Plan? Medical aid schemes were introduced in South Africa during the ’60s. Their role was to assist their members in meeting the healthcare expenses incurred when undergoing treatment in the private sector. At the time, the monthly premiums were relatively modest. In exchange, the schemes offered… Read more »
  • What Young People Should Look for in Hospital Plan Insurance
    Under the current rules applied by schemes in South Africa, a young person can continue as a dependent on a parent’s medical aid until age 21. If, after that, they still rely on their parents for financial support, for example, while pursuing tertiary studies, most schemes will agree to extend… Read more »
  • How Do I Know If I’m Dehydrated?
    Other than the bathroom test (we know you know), here are ways to know that you might be dehydrated and how to easily up your water intake so that you can spend your festive season feeling great! There are some obvious signs that you’re dehydrated, including feeling “thirsty” and having… Read more »

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