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  • Top Sites to Use for Travel PlanningTop Sites to Use for Travel Planning
    Luxe Adventure Traveler If you’re like us, travel planning is half the fun. Searching for where to go literally opens up a world of possibilities. And I personally get a thrill out of finding the best way to get there, the perfect hotel and planning my itinerary with all the… Read more »
  • What to Pack: African Safari Packing ListWhat to Pack: African Safari Packing List
    Luxe Adventure Traveler Packing for an African safari is vastly different than packing for just about any other trip, and it’s often a challenge for first time safari goers. Not only do most safari goers have weight restrictions on bush flights (a typical weight restriction is 15 kilograms or 33… Read more »
  • 5 Tips for Viewing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade5 Tips for Viewing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    Luxe Adventure Traveler It’s been a tradition for my mom and me to meet in New York City during the holidays for over a decade now. We’d shop and sip eggnog lattes at Starbucks, see the Rockettes’ famous high kicks in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and admire the massive… Read more »
  • 8 Must-Visit European Ski Resorts for Your Next Ski Getaway8 Must-Visit European Ski Resorts for Your Next Ski Getaway
    Luxe Adventure Traveler Though the cold winter rain in Europe can drive us bonkers, secretly and way, way deep down we’re excited. Rain in the fall and winter means it’s snowing in the mountains and we can’t wait to be schussing in the shadow of Mont Blanc, sipping wine at… Read more »
  • Uncover America’s Most Exquisite Wine DestinationsUncover America’s Most Exquisite Wine Destinations
    Luxe Adventure Traveler The United States is home to exquisite and interesting vineyards, many perfect for a wine trip blending both wine and adventure. No matter if you’re a wine connoisseur or a traveler who just enjoys wine, a wine trip is always an irresistible blend of gourmet indulgence and… Read more »
  • What You Need to Know When Planning a Safari in RwandaWhat You Need to Know When Planning a Safari in Rwanda
    Luxe Adventure Traveler Rwanda is a small East African country with a population of 12 million people. The country is a landlocked country bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. The languages spoken in Rwanda include Kinyarwanda, English, French and Kiswahili. Although Rwanda has incredibly welcoming people… Read more »
  • 6 Spectacular Iceland Waterfalls6 Spectacular Iceland Waterfalls
    Luxe Adventure Traveler Iceland is full of glacial rivers that produce countless spectacular waterfalls. Some pour out of cliff faces as you round the next bend on Route 1, Iceland’s Ring Road. Others can only be reached by a hike. Some are famous; others don’t even have names. And while… Read more »
  • Guide to Dog-Friendly Bruges, BelgiumGuide to Dog-Friendly Bruges, Belgium
    Luxe Adventure Traveler Bruges, or Brugge as it’s called in Old Dutch, just so happens to be one of Europe’s best preserved medieval cities. And when it comes to dog-friendly Belgium, Bruges also happens to be one of best city breaks to take with your dog. In fact, this dog-loving… Read more »
  • 10 Trips to Take With Your Tax Return10 Trips to Take With Your Tax Return
    Luxe Adventure Traveler April 15 is fast approaching. It’s a day we all dread, but the IRS reported that 8 in every 10 tax returns filed last year got a refund. And if you got a refund, it was probably a nice chunk of change. The IRS also reported that… Read more »
  • 5 Fun Facts About Fondue (And Where to Eat it in Zermatt)5 Fun Facts About Fondue (And Where to Eat it in Zermatt)
    Luxe Adventure Traveler There are a few things that are quintessentially Swiss and come to mind immediately at the mention of Switzerland: cheese, oh-so-yummy Swiss chocolate, and fondue. It seems a trip to Switzerland isn’t complete without a delicious fondue, at least for us. But have you ever sat twirling… Read more »

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