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  • TheSlotBuzz Latest Slots News Roundup May 2022TheSlotBuzz Latest Slots News Roundup May 2022
    Looking for new releases, promos, and deals? It’s your turn! Up-to-date UK online casino news It’s a full-time job keeping up with new online slots. covers the latest new slots from the best slot providers as soon as they are released. Best casino news, big casino wins, industry news… Read more »
  • Online Gambling In The UKOnline Gambling In The UK
    Gambling refers to any game in which you play for money or something of worth. These games are incredibly popular, and some have been around for hundreds of years. Previously, you could only play these games at various casinos and the like. However, because casinos have gone online, so have… Read more »
  • Hot Slots For New PlayersHot Slots For New Players
    Slot machines are either hot or cold, according to recent payouts, according to superstitious slot players. Hot slots are those that have paid out recently, while cold slots are those that have paid out infrequently. Who wouldn’t want to know when a slot machine would HIT? This idea adds to… Read more »
  • The Origins & Gameplay of RouletteThe Origins & Gameplay of Roulette
    Despite the phenomenal rise in popularity of online slots, Roulette remains one of, if not the most popular casino game. The unique blend of real-world mechanics and, of course, money-generating potential has wowed players since the game’s inception. Affluence and elegance have always been associated with Roulette, making it a… Read more »
  • King Themed Online Video SlotsKing Themed Online Video Slots
    A king is a common theme in fairy tales. In addition to being powerful and intelligent, kings can be corrupt and foolish. In Online Slots, all monarchs are excellent if they let you win! Every slot machine features a king symbol: a card king! However, there are numerous more king… Read more »
  • Basic Blackjack Strategy
    Also known as 21. The game has simple rules, exciting gameplay, and significant strategy potential. In truth, the experienced player who mathematically plays a perfect game and can count cards has a chance to win. The casino odds are less for the casual player who plays a decent game, making… Read more »
  • Best Online Blackjack in The UK
    In UK online casinos, blackjack comes second in the table games close behind roulette. In the UK, most players prefer to play on Android or iPhone. The UK uses 4-6 decks. No dealer stands on soft 17. No surrender, but unlimited re-splitting and doubling after a split. However, some casinos… Read more »
  • Hot Fruit Delights
    Hot Fruit Delights Game Information GAME TYPE Video Slots RTP 96.36% RELEASE DATE Feb 4, 2021 TECHNOLOGY HTML5 Enjoy a fruit slot that brings fun! Hot Fruit Delights – a classic worth more! Share. more. If you missed the sweet fruits, we have the right thing for you. Hot Fruit… Read more »
  • Aloha Tiki Bar
    Aloha Tiki Bar Game Information GAME TYPE Video Slots RTP 95.97% RELEASE DATE Feb 4, 2020 TECHNOLOGY HTML5 Aloha Tiki Bar features a number of bonus rounds that will have you playing for hours. With an RTP of 95.97%, it’s no wonder Aloha Tiki Bar attracts players from Great Britian… Read more »
  • Golds Guardian
    Golds Guardian Game Information GAME TYPE Video Slots RTP 95.45% RELEASE DATE Feb 4, 2018 TECHNOLOGY HTML5 Golds Guardian boasts many bonus games that will have your reels spinning. With the Return To Player RTP of 95.45%, it’s no wonder Golds Guardian attracts players from the United Kingdom and the… Read more »

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