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  • Substance abuse can alter your personality in one of these 10 ways
    Substance abuse has the power to reshape who we are, often leading individuals down a path of unrecognizable change. This article explores the intricate ways in which substance abuse can mold and warp personality traits, shedding light on the ten distinct ways through which this metamorphosis occurs. 1. Aggression and… Read more »
  • 5 rug trends that are shaping 2023
    Rugs are a crucial element in home decor and design. They anchor a room, pulling together a cohesive style. The right rug provides a literal foundation on which furniture is placed and flooring grounded. Beyond function, rugs add warmth, visual interest, and character to a space. From colorful patterns like… Read more »
  • 5 gift giving mistakes to avoid this holiday season
    You’ve already been noticing the changes in the air. Holiday decorations are covering the stores, gift options are lining shelves, and some radio stations are switching their normal tracks for Christmas tunes. Yes, that means it’s time for the holiday spirit to enter your body, guiding you through this season… Read more »
  • What conditions are classed as substance use disorders?
    Substance use disorders (SUDs) encompass a cluster of mental health conditions. All of which are mostly characterized by the problematic use of psychoactive substances. There is a good network of help for individuals with substance use disorder available, once a specific condition has been identified and a suitable treatment path… Read more »
  • What’s draining your smartphone battery?
    Being a device that you rely on so regularly, finding your smartphone battery regularly drained can be alarming and often inconvenient. Therefore, honing in on what’s costing you so much energy can help you to improve the situation in the future. There are many factors at play here, and it… Read more »

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