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  • Celebrating 30 Years of LAW FOR ALLCelebrating 30 Years of LAW FOR ALL
    For three decades, LAW FOR ALL has been empowering South Africans with award-winning legal cover. Join us in celebrating our legacy of breaking down barriers to justice and shaping a better future for all. Breaking Barriers to Justice: Our Legacy of Empowerment In the early 1990s, a group of change-makers… Read more »
  • Legal Expenses Insurance Report – FinMark Trust
    A 2013 Report that Explores Legal Expense Insurance in South Africa This report was the first of its kind to explore the legal insurance industry in South Africa. The post Legal Expenses Insurance Report – FinMark Trust appeared first on LAW FOR ALL. Read more »
  • Your Justice Journey Roadmap
    Solving a legal problem is a journey – you can’t make the road to justice shorter, but it’s reassuring to have professional legal support along the way.  We follow a step-by-step approach to give you peace of mind that our award-winning legal team handles your case as quickly and effectively… Read more »
  • Child Abuse in South Africa – How to Identify and Report it
    “Not all heroes wear capes” is undoubtedly a phrase you’ve come across at some point. Of course, it speaks to the everyday person who recognised an injustice, stood up and decided to take action. This is incredibly powerful when the person who needs help cannot necessarily do anything about their… Read more »
  • Dealing with Constructive Dismissal in South Africa
    We all want to build a successful career and thrive in the workplace, right? The office is meant to be a place where everyone should be able to put their best foot forward and excel in the profession they chose. And that’s certainly possible in an environment that’s inspiriting and… Read more »
  • How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours in South Africa
    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that almost everyone has had an issue with a noisy neighbour at some point in life, whether it’s a one-time occurrence, like a bit of drilling in the early hours of the morning or a consistent ordeal, like loud parties that persist all… Read more »
  • How the 4th Industrial Revolution is Shaping the Practice of Law
    Navigate the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on legal practice. There are numerous trends taking shape in the legal ecosystem, both locally and abroad. Legal futurist, Adv. Jackie Nagtegaal, and legal consultant, Gabriella Razanno, examine significant developments and outline the various lessons and predictions in this essential guide for… Read more »
  • Criminal Records to Be “Expunged” by Paying an Admission of Guilt Fine
    Significant amendments to the Criminal Procedure Act are on the horizon and if passed into law, will provide for South Africans’ criminal records to be “expunged” by paying an admission of guilt fine. The changes recently came into the spotlight again, after the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald… Read more »
  • What’s the Deal with Garnishee Orders? Here’s What You Need to Know
    For quite some time now, many South Africans have struggled with debt. Whether it’s scrambling to keep up with repayments or continually falling down the rabbit hole of incurring more arrears, there is a reason why our country ranks as one of the most indebted nations in the world. Not… Read more »
  • Dealing with a Personal Data Breach: 3 Immediate Steps to Take
    As if South Africans aren’t going through enough at the moment, Experian, one of the country’s biggest credit bureaus, was hit by a massive data breach. According to reports, approximately 24 million South Africans and close to 800 000 businesses’ personal information was compromised after a fraudster allegedly posed as… Read more »

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