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  • Cyber Detective’s OSINT Tools Collection – A Comprehensive Guide For Digital Investigation
    Hello! On my Twitter account @cyb_detective I post different services, techniques, tricks and notes about OSINT and more. I collect all the links from my tweets in this collection (already 1000+ services for a wide variety of purposes). Thank you for following me! @cyb_detective Don’t forget that OSINT’s main strength is in automation.… Read more »
  • WormGPT – A Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up On Various Platforms
    WormGPT is a versatile tool designed for creating and managing various types of software across multiple operating systems. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to install and configure WormGPT on platforms such as Kali Linux, BlackArch Linux, Kali Nethunter, and Termux. Follow along to get started with WormGPT and… Read more »
  • Ediop3Sploit – Comprehensive Installation And Usage Guide
    Ediop3Sploit is a controversial tool often associated with black-hat hacking and illicit cyber activities. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to install and operate ediop3Sploit on both Windows and Linux systems. Our aim is to inform cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts about the capabilities and risks associated with using… Read more »
  • Dive Into A new Pentesting Experience with Athena OS
    Designed specifically for cybersecurity enthusiasts, Athena OS offers a cutting-edge platform for InfoSec professionals, bug bounty hunters, and students. Explore robust tools and a dynamic community, enhancing your pentesting capabilities with the latest in cybersecurity innovation. Hephaestus Hephaestus is the Athena OS Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Builder to improve the integration and… Read more »
  • QuickFetch – Quick System Info Tool : Your Comprehensive Guide To Installation And Configuration
    QuickFetch is a streamlined tool designed to efficiently retrieve system information with minimal fuss. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a curious tech enthusiast, this guide will walk you through the simple steps to install, configure, and use QuickFetch on your machine. Dive into the capabilities of QuickFetch and enhance… Read more »
  • v9.8.0 – Catch ‘Em All : Network Vulnerabilities
    We’re thrilled to share that with the launch of Nuclei Templates version 9.8.0, we’ve broadened our scope in network security checks. Our template library now boasts over 8,000 entries, encompassing more than 7,202 templates for web applications. This collection includes 2,200 web-related CVEs and features more than 850 templates aimed… Read more »
  • ICS Security Tools, Tips, And Trade – Mastering Cybersecurity With Comprehensive Guides And Strategies
    Essential resource for mastering cybersecurity within the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environment. This article serves as a community-driven asset, designed to consolidate a variety of tools, practical advice, and insider strategies specifically tailored for enhancing security measures in ICS. From detailed guides and configurations to specialized scripts and hardware insights,… Read more »
  • Hacking-Toolkit : The Ultimate Suite For Network Security And Penetration Testing
    Developed an integrated suite of network security and penetration testing tools using Python. This toolkit aims to provide cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers with a comprehensive set of utilities to perform network analysis, security audits, and penetration testing. The tools are designed with an emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness,… Read more »
  • DataSpammer – Comprehensive Guide And Development Journey
    Explore the evolution and features of DataSpammer, a versatile software designed to enhance system interaction through automation and shortcuts. This article delves into its installation processes, version histories, and the continuous enhancements aimed at refining user experience. Discover the capabilities and innovations that define DataSpammer, from its basic setup to… Read more »
  • DNS Tunnel Keylogger – Stealthy Exfiltration And Persistence TechniquesDNS Tunnel Keylogger – Stealthy Exfiltration And Persistence Techniques
    This post-exploitation keylogger will covertly exfiltrate keystrokes to a server. These tools excel at lightweight exfiltration and persistence, properties which will prevent detection. It uses DNS tunelling/exfiltration to bypass firewalls and avoid detection. Server Setup The server uses python3. To install dependencies, run python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt Starting The… Read more »

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