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  • New mural by Chekos’art in BrindisiNew mural by Chekos’art in Brindisi
    The new powerful mural by Chekos’art, titled ‘Goddess of Paradise’, was delivered in the neighborhood of Brindisi called “Paradiso”. It exclaims a vision of a strong woman, a fighting woman who takes care of her children, her family, and the community.   The title of the mural “Goddess of Paradise”… Read more »
  • Cagliari Urbanfest: new works unveiled in Sant’Elia neighbourhoodCagliari Urbanfest: new works unveiled in Sant’Elia neighbourhood
    New amazing works of Street art have been realized in the neighbourhood of Sant’Elia by urbanKofa, Rosaria Straffalaci, and Roberta Congiu together with the community. Art and sociality marked the first part of Cagliari Urbanfest. Neighbourhood residents and volunteers from across the city joined the artists, shared their thoughts on… Read more »
  • Redefining Industrial Spaces – Said Dokins’ Art for BloopRedefining Industrial Spaces – Said Dokins’ Art for Bloop
    Ibiza, a Space of Transformation. Art has the intrinsic ability to transform and redefine spaces, granting them new narratives and possibilities. This power of art is especially evident in its interaction with public space and its capacity to turn common places into extraordinary stages of cultural expression. Ibiza, with a… Read more »
  • ONIRO New Mural in South Italy for Spes 2023ONIRO New Mural in South Italy for Spes 2023
    a.DNA for the project “SPES 2023 – the Seed, the Earth, the Light” included the creation of a new mural to update the 80s experience of Festival Internazionale Teatro Ragazzi directed by Carmine Battipede. In this way adding new stories for the inhabitants, helping them to do something strong against… Read more »
  • Cagliari Urbanfest is back with its second editionCagliari Urbanfest is back with its second edition
    Cagliari Urbanfest ‐ Generazioni Metropolitane is returning to Sant’Elia neighborhood for a second edition full of events. Starting on October the 30th, the festival second edition will involve both the periphery and the city center in the name of art and sustainability. Street art murals, participatory art interventions, workshops, art… Read more »
  • Generation 17 mural by STMTS in AthensGeneration 17 mural by STMTS in Athens
    Athens based artist STMTS, recently finished one more mural in the centre of this ancient city, in an effort to communicate an urgent call to society in relation with the climate crisis issues. This work was done as part of the “Generation 17” initiative which focuses on the 17 Sustainable… Read more »
  • Fabio Petani mural in BergamoFabio Petani mural in Bergamo
    Fresh mural by talented artist Fabio Petani in Bergamo for Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023. The mural develops on the concept of the force of nature. Spathiphyllum is also a plant with a beneficial action as it absorbs volatile organic compounds and harmful substances such as trichlorethylene,… Read more »
  • Brussels Days by Jaune in MadridBrussels Days by Jaune in Madrid
    For the first time in the city, and within the framework of the Brussels Days project, the internationally renowned Belgian artist Jaune has created a large intervention in Madrid’s public space. An over 20 meters long mural, it pays tribute to the workers who keep the world going, while also… Read more »
  • King Kong mural by BoloKing Kong mural by Bolo
    Talented Italian street artist Alessio Bolognesi aka Bolo has returned, after a short absence from the scene, with a mural that communicates warmth and love. It was created during the week for “Gherardi città del Cinema project”. According to the artist:  The project itself is aimed to bring back to… Read more »
  • BLOOP Festival The European Epicenter of Proactive ArtBLOOP Festival The European Epicenter of Proactive Art
    A colossal 560m2 mural and electrical substations transformed into vibrant canvases by Said Dokins, Malarky, and emerging talents alike. The ephemeral exhibition at Endesa, which had an opening duration of less than 5 hours, showcased eclectic arts from traditional paintings to augmented reality   BLOOP: The wholly independent and inclusive… Read more »

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