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  • How To Fix a Blower Motor Not Working ~ LOUD NOISES
    How to fix a blower motor not working. Blower motors can fail in many ways, a blower motor resistor failure can cause only high speed function. Some times blower motors make noise, like this Jetta SportWagon. In this video we test the blower motor in a 2014 Jetta SportWagon, cover… Read more »
  • Volkswagen Jetta TDI Fuel Filter Replacement ~ Common Rail Diesel
    How to replace a Vw or Audi TDI fuel filter. Do you need a scan tool to replace a TDI fuel filter? What tools do you need to replace a TDI fuel filter? In this video I will show you step by step how to replace a VW TDI fuel… Read more »
  • Who is Faster Nitrous VW or Turbo Honda ~ JDM vs Euro REMATCH
    JDM VS EURO REMATCH In this video we fix the turbo axle and engine mounts. Also install the F+F tribute graphics. Then we head to the drag strip to see who is faster a NITROUS JETTA, or a TURBO CIVIC. Then we bring the Jetta back to the shop for… Read more »
  • More Nitrous Mods on the Jetta ~Will It EXPLODE This Time?
    BACK TO THE DYNO!! After rebuilding the BPY engine in the Jetta, Paul and I install some nitrous upgrades. We will be installing a progressive nitrous controller, low pressure fuel system upgrades and the coolest part, a nitrous purge valve. This is all in preparation to head back to the… Read more »
  • We Blew Up Our $5000 Drag Car ~ Can We Getting Fixed In Time?
    Previously Paul and I blew up the Engine in a 2007 Jetta with nitrous. Now it’s time to rebuild the Jetta engine in hopes we can race  @Gears and Gasoline  again. In this video Paul and I rebuild the engine, upgrade rods, gap piston rings, all in preparation for nitrous!… Read more »
  • R32 Clutch Upgrade to Hold 500HP
    in this video the R32 gets a clutch upgrade. This is a vr6 clutch replacement, so the car doesn’t have to be an R32. Because we are turbo charging the R32, it needs a clutch disc, pressure plate, and flywheel. We are ditching the dual mass flywheel and installing a… Read more »
  • How To Convert WIRED to WIRELESS CarPlay MK7 Golf
    How to Make Wired CarPlay, wireless CarPlay. I added wireless CarPlay to my 2019 Golf. Installing a wireless CarPlay adapter is as simple as plugging it into the wired CarPlay port. You can ditch the worn out apple cord, and go WIRELESS. This setup will only work for Apple CarPlay.… Read more »
  • Complete R32 Engine Rebuild for Boost ~ VR6 Turbo
    In this video we complete the R32 engine rebuild. This is a vr6 engine rebuild with a head gasket spacer to add boost. The R32 will get an HPA Turbo kit with a target of 500WHP. Today I will show you how to install cams, cam adjusters, a cylinder head,… Read more »
  • VW Golf R 2022 Review ~ The BEST Golf R YET?
    The MK8 Golf R will be the best performing Golf R to date. A bold prediction for sure. Today we drive the new MK8 Golf R at Wookies in the Woods. Megan from VWofA answers the biggest Golf R questions on horsepower, pricing, features and more. I also compare the… Read more »
  • R32 Engine and Transmission Removal ~ Time for an Engine Rebuild
    Today we pull the engine and transmission on the R32. Because the car has 200k plus miles, I want to take the engine out of the car, clean the engine bay, and do an engine teardown. This is all very important steps before adding a turbo to the car. #r32… Read more »

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