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You need to have unique skills and knowledge in order to grow your business. Growth In Motion works with experts in a variety of areas to help you grow your business. Let’s get started

Growing your business requires special skills and knowledge. Growth In Motion brings together the best people in a variety of areas to help expand a company’s reach into more markets and gain more customers.

  • Mental Health Awareness | Growth in MotionMental Health Awareness | Growth in Motion
    How often have we heard a colleague, friend, family member etc say that they were hesitant in having a conversation about their mental health condition with their boss or anyone else at the workplace? They are reluctant to approach even HR. Why is this the case? Unfortunately, there is a… Read more »
  • Continuous Professional Development Courses in Afrikaans
    The insurance industry in South Africa has a very strong Afrikaans origin and this continues today with many insurance companies serving their customers specifically in Afrikaans. There are many Afrikaans-speaking people who may prefer to be updated in their mother tongue on changes in legislation, new ways of looking at… Read more »
  • Cyber Security Awareness | Growth in Motion
    Cyber-attacks are a reality that can affect us all. Think about it, if successful, cyber-attacks can damage your business causing major disruptions like downtime and loss of data which in turn has a negative financial impact. Businesses should make it their top priority to train all employees on cyber security… Read more »
  • A consumer education initiative with Sonja HerholdtA consumer education initiative with Sonja Herholdt
    Sonja Herholdt is a household name in South Africa. As an acclaimed artist, this beautiful lady has won several accolades for her popular Afrikaans songs, and she is admired by many, especially women who hold her high in esteem. Many women can identify with Sonja who went through a divorce… Read more »
  • SIP Nordic announces the launch of the SIP Nordic Structured Products Academy in South Africa
    Growth in Motion, in collaboration with SIP Nordic South Africa, is proud to announce the launch of the SIP Nordic Academy. This will be the 1st Structured Products Academy launched in South Africa! Who is SIP Nordic? Structured Investment Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd, originates from SIP Nordic, a Swedish… Read more »
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – A Learning Culture Transformation
    If there is anything the past 18 months has taught us, is that change is constant. What else is constant? Learning of course. This all goes hand in hand when one looks at how important it is for business to optimise on learning opportunities for their employees and individuals to… Read more »
  • Looking to Ignite your Learning Journey?Looking to Ignite your Learning Journey?
    As a result of the lockdown brought about by COVID-19, Growth in Motion advocates remote learning as we all adapt to our new way of working and learning. The anxiety around the pandemic makes life extremely tough for everyone; especially learners who are struggling with connectivity, data, and devices etc.… Read more »
  • In Pursuit of a healthy life-work blendIn Pursuit of a healthy life-work blend
    When I started this blog, my topic was work-life balance, because that is how we would normally refer to this concept right? Earlier this week, I attended a session hosted by the Tracom Group, which was facilitated by Dan Day. Dan used the catch phrase life-work blend which really grabbed… Read more »
  • Fourteen Months Later – Growth in MotionFourteen Months Later – Growth in Motion
    For starters, most of us are still working from home. Some loving it and others cannot wait to return to the “office”. Many of us have the luxury of our family around us as we persevere and work through the challenges brought on by COVID-19. In the beginning we were… Read more »
  • Digital LiteracyDigital Literacy
    Of late, I have attended a few webinars to kick off the year. Nearly all of them touched on digital literacy looking at it from designing trends, user experience and learning perspective. Is this a buzz phrase? Online learning has been around for a while but is now taking off… Read more »