Find the Best Above the Line Film Crew Members

You, as an EP, are aware of how quickly the production of a movie may get problematic. This is particularly relevant when discussing the production of independent films. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary finances while adhering to the allotted budget, all while attempting to locate and recruit the most qualified team possible within those constraints. The latter can be particularly difficult to deal with when you consider the fact that you are the line crew. It is not an easy feat to find competent and devoted professionals operating at this level who are also within your budgetary constraints. The question now is: how do you identify the greatest crew members to work above the line?

Let’s find out.

A Quick Review of the Positions That Are Above the Line

The majority of positions on a film crew are regarded as being below the line, with relatively few designations included above the line. Depending on the project, these positions above the line could shift just a little bit. Nevertheless, several aspects are consistent across all productions. The positions known as above the line are located at the very top of the film crew hierarchy. They are as follows:


The director is responsible for adapting the screenplay into a narrative that can be seen on the screen. Films can only be made because directors possess the foresight, creative expertise, and leadership abilities necessary to do so. They hold a large amount of creative control and have a direct impact on the creative direction that the movie goes in.


Most of the time, producers are at the very top of the crew hierarchy. Their primary responsibility is to coordinate the use of both financial and human resources. Their responsibilities consist of procuring finance for the production, recruiting additional cast and crew members, and providing organizational and operational oversight to guarantee that the movie will be finished on schedule and within the allowed budget. To summarize, there would be no movie if there wasn’t a producer or a team of producers behind it.

Executive Producers

This is a rather open-ended term that can be used to mean a variety of different things. The scope of each project is different from one another. Several common tasks within executive production are extremely particular, such as financing the movie or scripting, while there are also several broader functions, such as offering strategic counsel or providing aid with production. We’re going to talk about movies here, but in a commercial production company, an executive producer (EP) might even be the owner of the business. Visit this page for more information on how local EP’s can offer time efficiency, management, and cost savings to your production process.

Principal Cast

The on-screen cast is the most visible member of the crew to the general audience, and they are also considered to be the face of the movie. Because of the significant contribution that their artistic ability made to the movie, they hold a high position in the production crew hierarchy. Their compensation is typically the single most important factor in determining the total cost of the movie.

Director of Casting Duties

The casting director is responsible for the important job of ensuring that the project has the appropriate cast members. Their tasks begin and end before shooting ever gets underway. However, the creative insight that they provide is extremely helpful to the production of the picture.


The writer is responsible for writing the screenplay, which will serve as a blueprint for the production. The writer is responsible for developing the cast of characters, the plot, and the overall structure of the movie. They collaborate closely with the directors and producers to bring the concept into reality. However, it is generally accepted that the writer has the most influence over the direction that a television project takes, in contrast to feature films, where the producers and directors frequently have the last say. In point of fact, on many film sets, the presence of the writer is either guaranteed or optional.

Accountants Specializing in Production

Production accountants collaborate closely with film producers to oversee the day-to-day operations of film production, including managing day-to-day production costs, upkeep of financial records, and verifying that the product has adequate cash for its ongoing activities. Additionally, they may contact investors or send the reports to the Executive Committee (EP), which is responsible for communicating with investors. Due to the nature of the work that they do, in some instances, it’s possible that they won’t be deemed either above or below the line.

What Do Above The Line Producers Do?

Line producers are frequently at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of those working below the line, but they also serve as a bridge between those working above and below the line. They are one of the positions that are accountable for turning imaginative concepts into operational realities in the industrial environment. They are the ones that everyone on set goes to for help.

How Do You Search for and Recruit Members of Your Above-the-line Crew?

Finding the correct above-the-line crew is vital to the creation of a successful film because of their indispensability, relevance to the creative process, and potential for long-term influence on the finished product. Consider the following options if you are uncertain how to hire above-the-line workers or where to get dependable humans.

Add Industry Publications to Your Bookmarks to Maintain Your Relevance

It is impossible to place enough emphasis on this point, regardless of how obvious it may sound. You should make it a point to stay current on the latest films, actors, and directors working in the film industry. Keep an eye on how well different movies do at the box office so you can figure out what they did right. If a certain above-the-line crew member, such as a new or popular actor or director, stuck out in another film, you should think about reaching out to them and hiring them for your production.

You can keep up with the latest news and trends in the film industry by bookmarking some of these leading cinema magazines. You might also want to think about subscribing to the many trade newspapers that are geared toward the film business because these publications frequently discuss new movies and actors.

Utilize the Strength That Comes From Your Network

An extensive professional network within the film industry is an extremely useful tool for a producer. You can get a head start on growing your network by going to well-known film events and festivals. There, you will have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of above-the-line crew members, such as directors, actors, and screenwriters, among other people. You will need to be ready to present your project and persistent in your efforts to network to attract the appropriate individuals.

Establish a Good Name for Yourself

Regardless of the project you are presently working on, it is important to remember that how you interact with other people has a significant role in establishing your reputation as a producer. It is crucial to provide a positive experience for the individuals with whom you work if you want to be successful in attracting and retaining top talent and crew. Make it simple to hire them again by providing a setting in which to do so. 

Get Referrals

This should be obvious to everyone. Referrals from other people are an excellent approach to finding new members for your crew. And if you maintain building on your reputation as being easy to work with, people may start referring you, which makes the entire process of finding above-the-line staff simple. If you don’t already have any recommendations, you should start asking people you know for them. You’d be shocked to learn how many folks are willing to lend a hand. If you require a director, you should inquire ahead of time with your network about the qualifications they look for in candidates. In addition, if you have already hired a director, for example on the advice of your writers, you might inquire as to whether or not the director has any suggestions for your major actors.

Recruit and Re-recruit Personnel Equipped With Professional Tools

Finding crew members is made easier with the assistance of job boards and production websites. However, in terms of the above-the-line crew, the personnel in question might or might not be found congregating at the aforementioned conspicuous locations. As was just brought up, the secret to success is to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere in the workplace. When it comes time to retire, you’ll have a longer list to choose from if you have a lot of people interested in working with you. The producers are beginning to harness new tools that add efficiency to their everyday activities and paying and onboarding crew is a crucial one. Taking into consideration where we are with technology, this is a positive trend. Finding crew members and checking to see if they are available is a time-consuming process that wastes a lot of time.