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  • STMicroelectronics accelerates Edge AI adoption to help companies transform their products
    Announcing the ST Edge AI Suite, a comprehensive, integrated set of software and tools offering a simpler, more cost-effective way for developers and companies to embed AI-enabled ST products into industrial, automotive/mobility, consumer, communication applications ST offering developers and companies a comprehensive ecosystem with a broad range of hardware with… Read more »
  • 10 Wi-Fi Predictions for 2024 by Wireless Broadband Alliance
    Following the release of the WBA Annual Industry Report 2024, Tiago Rodrigues, CEO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), has revealed ten predictions for 2024 and beyond that he believes will change the way wireless technology is used by communities and businesses across the world, including improved connectivity, efficiencies and new consumer… Read more »
  • SATCOM Transceiver and its Market Prospect
    SATCOM transceiver and its key specifications The SATCOM transceiver is a device that is utilized in satellite-based applications for performing both the operations: receiving (downlink) operations and transmitting (uplink) operations. The transceiver renders a dual-directional communication link between the satellite and the ground terminal. The SATCOM transceiver consists of the… Read more »
  • Press-Fit Terminal Power Modules for a Solder-Free Solution in High-Volume Manufacturing
    The E-Mobility, sustainability and data center markets require products that are conducive to high-volume manufacturing. To better automate the installation process, Press-Fit terminals are often used because they offer a solder-free solution to mount power modules to the PCB. Microchip Technology announces its expansive portfolio of SP1F and SP3F power… Read more »
  • Spirent and Anritsu collaborate to deliver comprehensive Automotive Test Solutions
    Spirent Communications announced a strategic partnership with Anritsu to enable the automotive industry to more efficiently meet the unique testing requirements presented by cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) and autonomous driving technologies. The collaboration establishes a complete C-V2X and automotive 5G testing portfolio with a unified framework that delivers unparalleled versatility and… Read more »
  • STM32WB09: A new family of STM32WB, a booming beginning for entry-level Bluetooth STM32s
    ST launched the STM32WB09, thus inaugurating the STM32WB0 series and transitioning the latest generation of BlueNRG-LP(S) devices to the STM32Cube ecosystem. Architecturally, the STM32WB09 is a BlueNRG-LPS with 512 KB of flash instead of 192 KB to allow for more complex applications and an updated radio supporting all Bluetooth LE 5.2 hardware features. However,… Read more »
  • Gesture Control Lights and the Changing Landscape of the Household Sector
    The emergence of the Internet of Things has completely changed the way daily home appliances work. Advancements in the semiconductor manufacturing industries have acted as a catalyst in this shift. As semiconductor chips have become smaller, the smarter the gadgets have become. Engineers and tech-experts have focused their energies on… Read more »
  • Applus and Rohde & Schwarz seamlessly integrate eCall testing in EMC test environments
    Applus Laboratories and Rohde & Schwarz have successfully showcased the seamless integration of eCall testing in an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test environment. The demonstration illustrated different eCall testing scenarios and capabilities in compliance with the UN ECE R10 standard, which regulates automobile-related EMC. eCall Testing As part of the planned… Read more »
  • Dark Field Wafer Defect Inspection System for High Throughput and High-Precision
    Hitachi High-Tech Corporation launched the Hitachi Dark Field Wafer Defect Inspection System DI4600 – a new tool for inspecting particles and defects on patterned wafer in semiconductor production lines. Dark Field Wafer Defect Inspection System DI4600 offers improved detection capabilities due to the addition of a dedicated server that offers… Read more »
  • AI-enabled automotive inertial measurement unit for always-aware applications up to 125°C
    STMicroelectronics’ ASM330LHHXG1 inertial measurement unit (IMU) for automotive applications combines in-sensor AI with enhanced low-power operation and 125°C operating temperature range for reliability in harsh environments. ST’s new automotive IMU contains a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope and draws less than 800µA with both sensors running, cutting the system power budget and… Read more »

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