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  • Amrit Manwani takes over as Chairman of ESSCI
    The ESSCI – Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) announced the appointment of Shri Amrit Manwani as its new Chairman to replace Dr. Ajai Chowdhry (founder chairman of HCL). The appointment was announced during the meeting of the Board of Directors of the council recently held at New Delhi. A veteran… Read more »
  • NP Plastibell Connected Syringe based on NFC Technology from STMicroelectronics
     NP Plastibell has announced a pre-filled connected syringe containing a near-field communication (NFC) tag from STMicroelectronics , a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications. Integrated inside the body of the syringe, the tag enables manufacturing, medical personnel, and patients to access important medicine-related information. The ultra-miniaturized NFC tag… Read more »
  • 5G Advancing Extended Reality to the Next Level5G Advancing Extended Reality to the Next Level
    Extended reality (XR) which encompasses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) has enormous potential to deliver immersive experiences of the future and transform both industry and community. 5G delivers incredible speed and such connectivity is poised to bring significant benefits to extended reality. However, in addition… Read more »
  • Mouser Electronics Signs Global Agreement to Distribute ATP Electronics Storage & Memory Solutions
    Mouser Electronics the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, announces a global distribution agreement with ATP Electronics, the global leader in specialized storage and memory solutions. According to the agreement, Mouser now offers customers ATP Electronics’ memory cards, SSDs, and managed NAND devices for industrial and… Read more »
  • Renesas Partners with Tata to Accelerate Progress in Advanced Electronics for India
    Renesas Electronics a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Tata Motors Ltd. (TML) and Tejas Networks Ltd. (Tejas), both Tata Group companies, on the design, development, and manufacturing of Renesas’ semiconductor solutions for enhancing innovation across electronics systems for the Indian and emerging markets. These… Read more »
  • Antenova’s compact low-power GNSS receiver module extends runtime by 500%Antenova’s compact low-power GNSS receiver module extends runtime by 500%
    Antenova Ltd, the UK-based manufacturer of antennas and RF modules for M2M and the IoT, is launching GNSSNOVA M20071, a brand new GNSS receiver module, with power consumption, reduced five-fold to enable smaller tracker designs, and trackers that run for five times longer. The M20071 module is for small tracking… Read more »
  • OLogic incorporates Vicor’s Power Modules to Ignite New Generation of Mobile RobotsOLogic incorporates Vicor’s Power Modules to Ignite New Generation of Mobile Robots
    Innovations in power conversion technology are enabling a transformation in robotics design. Today’s integrated power modules are addressing the demanding size, weight, power budgets and cost efficiencies required to move robots from factory, residential and commercial applications into a vast new landscape bounded only by the imagination. We are hitting… Read more »
  • RECOM adds AEC-Q100 Automotive Qualified 1.5A LED Driver with wettable flanks
    RECOM has added further automotive-qualified parts to its product range with the RPY-1.5Q: a high-efficiency, cost-effective, 1.5A-rated LED driver. Meeting the requirements of AEC-Q100 with optional ‘wettable flanks’ for Automated Optical Inspection, the product comes in a thermally-enhanced QFN package with integrated shielded inductor and is just 3 x 5… Read more »
  • WIN SOURCE – Your Online Store for Obsolete & Common-used Electronic parts
    The ever-increasing popularity of Electronics E-commerce Websites has changed the traditional way of shopping for Electronic Components by making it more feasible with one click. Today you can buy everything online in one go with a wide range of options available in the market without spending your time on being… Read more »
  • How Wi-Fi 6/6E Enables Industry 4.0: Reports WBA
    The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) today published “Wi-Fi 6/6E for Industrial IoT: Enabling Wi-Fi Determinism in an IoT World.” This paper explores how Wi-Fi’s latest features are ideal for meeting the unique, demanding requirements for a wide variety of existing and emerging IIoT applications. This includes manufacturing/Industry 4.0 and logistics, involving autonomous mobile robots… Read more »

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