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  • What is the CSS display property and can you give a few examples of its use?
    In CSS, the display property defines the outer and inner display types of an element. It plays an important role in generating boxes in the layout generation step of the Critical Rendering Path. The display property sets two values: the outer display and the inner display. The outer display value… Read more »
  • Getting Started with NDepend for Visual Studio 2022Getting Started with NDepend for Visual Studio 2022
    My previous post was about NDepend on Linux and how to utilize the NDepend to check your code quality. Now, I will explain some functions of NDepend for Visual Studio 2022. Let's get started. Download NDepend & Install the Visual Studio Extension If you want to use the Trial version… Read more »
  • Revue - Sendy sync: collecting the APIsRevue - Sendy sync: collecting the APIs
    A big part of my MVP process is collecting all the data endpoints and testing them out. This will show signs of missing parts early on, and make sure you don't hinder your development flow by awaiting API keys and so on. As described in the previous article, we want… Read more »
  • 8 Helpful Tools For Frontend Developers 🦄8 Helpful Tools For Frontend Developers 🦄
    There are a variety of front-end development tools for different purposes. Here is a list of 8 top front-end tools that you may find useful for your next project. So, let's get started! 1. AnimXYZ AnimXYZ helps you create, customize, and compose animations for your website. Powered by CSS variables… Read more »
  • CSS Battle: #1 - Simply SquareCSS Battle: #1 - Simply Square
    In this article, I will solve a Simply Square CSS Challenge on CSS Battle. Let's look at the problem first. Problem We need to create the following container by using CSS Properties only: Solution So now look at the Solution and how we are going to achieve this. HTML First,… Read more »
  • Wait, I changed my mind.Wait, I changed my mind.
    We don't always have the right decision all the time. Sometimes we change our minds because of a sudden change in conditions. This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to make decisions that are genuinely by current needs. This can also be done by database technology and has even been applied… Read more »
  • Let's write an image converter in 20 lines of html+js
    For those who just wanna see the code, it's on my codepen Out of all the things you can do with web APIs, my fav arena has got to be playing around with the canvas. It basically offers you a rectangle you can draw anything you like - whether it's… Read more »
  • How to Add Bottom Navigation in Jetpack Compose?How to Add Bottom Navigation in Jetpack Compose?
    Step-by-step guides to add bottom navigation in Jetpack Compose for beginners This article was originally published at on Jun 4, 2022. This article shows the steps that you need to do to add the bottom navigation from this simple navigation in jetpack compose example. 1. Add Icon Vector Asset… Read more »
  • Nihilism and the anti-corruption layerNihilism and the anti-corruption layer
    Every now and then someone asks me if I intend a more technical follow-up to Herding Elephants, which was a fairly high-level overview of the strategy I initiated to modernize that large Android repo I help maintain. And the answer is—not really. It is hard to appreciate how many moving… Read more »
  • How make a Triangle in CSS3How make a Triangle in CSS3
    Hi! There are several ways to make a triangle in CSS3, in this post I will show one of them, using the border property First! 1- Prepare the environment You can use any text editor, however I recommend vscode :). Now just create a folder and inside it two the… Read more »


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