Casinos Will Use a Variety of Deceptions to Ensure That Overspend

You walk into the casino overflowing with self-assurance, your wallet stuffed full of cash, and a plan to engage in some enjoyable, responsible gambling in addition to perhaps having two rounds of gin and tonics. You had no clue what time it is, how many drinks you’d had, or where your money went after several hours have passed.

But here you are, at the ATM once more, with no plans to depart the bright, vibrant casino in which everything appears fine even though you are going broke like there’s no tomorrow.

At the End of the Day, the House Will Always Come Out on Top

But how exactly do casinos get us to gamble away so much of our money? How do they get normally sensible people, individuals who work tirelessly for their salary and make rationalized financial choices daily, to toss away hundreds or even thousands of rands premised on the literal decision to roll the dice, the spin of the wheel, or the draw of the cards?

The quick answer is that every component of a casino, from the rugs to the skylights and all that lies between, is intended to nullify good judgment and help propel individuals into making judgments that are contrary to their own best interests. This includes everything from the lighting to the music to the scents that are used in the air.

Casinos are notorious for having environments that are simultaneously inviting and difficult to navigate due to the use of noises, lights, and physical layout. They use temptations such as the false impression of regular jackpots to persuade us that if we just keep playing, there is a good chance that we will become wealthy. They keep us content by constantly providing us with beverages and food so that we have no requirements other than to be entertained.

You Are Required to Use Chips Rather Than Actual Money When You Gamble

When you go all in on a match of Texas hold ’em or double down on the poker table, you are playing with actual money. However, you have converted your cash into colorful tiny discs that portray real currency, so it no longer seems like you have lost any money.

When using chips rather than actual money, it is much simpler to place large bets, and when those bets are lost, it does not hurt as badly. The majority of casinos also allow you to load money onto a voucher that can be used to play online gaming. This provides yet again another way to detach the act of gambling from the act of spending actual money.

There is No Visible Clock in the Vicinity

In a casino, you will not ever find a clock of any kind. The people who run the institution want you to forget about time, so they won’t pay attention to how many hours you’ve been there or whether it’s day or night. This is done in the hopes that you will continue pushing your luck despite the passage of time. If you are interested in knowing the time, look at your watch or check your phone.

They Keep Pouring Free Alcohol

When it comes to casinos, a patron who has been drinking heavily is the best thing that could happen. Since alcohol decreases shyness and clouds judgment, it is served constantly and brought directly to the gamers who are sitting at the card tables, the video slots or staring at the horse racing screens. The patrons are expected to leave small tips for the wait staff, but other than that, alcoholic beverages are frequently provided at no cost.

They Provide Complimentary Room and Board

When you spend a certain amount of money at a particular casino, they will typically provide you with free meals and may even let you stay for free at the hotel that is connected to the casino. Because of this, you won’t even need to leave the casino to take care of your most fundamental human requirements, such as getting enough rest and eating regularly. The next morning, when you wake up, there is a high likelihood that you will gamble more.

The Floor is Laid Out in a Configuration Similar to a Maze

Labyrinthine layouts were purposefully incorporated into the design of casinos. There are no clear passageways that lead from one part of the playing floor to another, nor are there any straight aisles that lead to the exits.

Instead, winding pathways and gaming sections that are placed in strategic locations are designed to attract your attention as you make your way through the casino. The goal is to get you to pause what you’re doing and play a round of roulette or put a few rands into a slot machine, even though you may have been on your way to the bathroom or even the exit at the time.

They Limit How You Can See the Outside World

Once you enter the doors of a casino, which are typically covered with window tint to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the building, you won’t be able to tell what time it is unless you check a watch or look at your phone.

Casinos keep their interiors lit the same way during the day as they do at night, and they frequently have decorations that make it seem like it’s an appropriate moment to be awake, such as ceilings decorated to look like the sky during the daytime and carpets with vivid colors that make it seem like it’s still morning.

They Throw Lavish Parties in Honor of the Infrequent Victories

Your chances of winning a significant sum of money at a craps table or on a video slot are about the same as winning the lottery regularly. But when a player does strike that unusual big win on a machine, vibrant lights flash and sounds blare, and when a player racks up the cash on the tables, applause arise. This is because big wins on machines are extremely rare. These celebrations instill a sense of false possibility in the minds of the other players, which causes them to continue losing chips even though their chances of winning do not improve as a result of another player’s success.

They Position Their Restrooms in a Strategic Manner

When you enter a casino, the very first thing you are going to see is either gaming tables or gaming devices. In contrast to the strategy used by the vast majority of businesses, restrooms in casinos are typically situated deep inside the building, rather than in a more accessible area close to the entrances. You’ll have to go further into the casino and walk past many more chances to try your luck to find a restroom. This is necessary if you need to relieve yourself.