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  • Persistent loadshedding is crippling businesses
    Persistent loadshedding is causing concern around the country. Small to big business owners are worried about carrying the costs of alternative power to keep up with operations. Our CEO Richard Mukheibir chats to the Newsroom Afrika team. If you’re interested in owning your own Cash Converters store contact Ilsé Murray… Read more »
  • Franchising: the hope of SMEs
    The last two years of living through a global pandemic has left South Africa with a record-high unemployment rate, reported BusinessTech in February 2022. Thousands of people have lost their jobs or have now become ‘discouraged work seekers’. Now that the 750 Day State of Disaster has been lifted, we… Read more »
  • Keeping your jewellery in great shape
    The origin of jewellery and wearing of gemstones as decorative pieces dates back to ancient times. People wore adornments to symbolise different things; hunters would wear horns, bones, claws, or teeth from their prey as trophies (believing it would bring them good luck for their next hunt), while others wore… Read more »
  • Cash Converters on Your Business front coverCash Converters on Your Business front cover
    Becoming a Cash Converters franchisee allows you to start fresh, be your own boss and make a sustainable living. Read the April/May digital issue of Your Business today. It’s jam-packed with practical and actionable advice for SMEs, plus business and franchise opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs. The post Cash Converters on… Read more »
  • Know your credit and consumer rights
    With Human Rights Day celebrated on 21 March every year, it’s important that you know your credit and consumer rights. We give you the lowdown on these rights from the National Credit Act, plus explain why it ‘pays’ to have credit and why you should take a loan with us.… Read more »
  • The benefits of being a Cash Converters franchisee
    Opening a business and being your own boss is a dream most people want to achieve. Our CEO Richard Mukheibir speaks to the team at Kanaal 7 about the benefits of being a Cash Converters franchisee. The post The benefits of being a Cash Converters franchisee appeared first on Cash… Read more »
  • Franchise Funding: How Cash Converters does itFranchise Funding: How Cash Converters does it
    If you’re just about sold on the franchising model, but are worried about the money side of things, here’s everything you need to know to put your mind at ease. The good news is that financing a franchise is easier than financing an independent business; most commercial banks are comfortable… Read more »
  • Franchising – a good alternative to starting your own business
    Opening your own business and the idea of being one’s own boss is incredibly appealing. The excitement, of running your own enterprise, having the ability to take on new challenges, and the opportunity to build something for your children – there are a lot of reasons to take on a… Read more »
  • Richard Mukheibir joins FASA’s Board of Directors
    The Franchise Association South Africa (FASA) announced the appointment of its newest member to the board of directors, Richard Mukheibir, CEO and co-founder of Cash Converters Southern Africa. Mukheibir will contribute towards the strategic and key role that FASA holds within the franchise industry, and more broadly, franchising as part… Read more »
  • Why franchising is a lucrative business opportunity
    Our CEO Richard Mukheibir talks to The Breakfast Lab team about franchising and why it’s a lucrative business opportunity. Mukheibir opened the Cash Converters pilot store in Parow, Western Cape in 1994, and when Cash Converters was ready to expand to Gauteng in 1998, he led the company into the… Read more »

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