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  • Album Releases For May!
    HOLLYWOOD-  Leave it to Harry Styles’ to release the hotly- anticipated new album dropping this Friday, May 20. When Harry left the boy band One Direction he was eager to prove his solo musical ambition and historical knowledge. His debut 2017 single was enormous with his Bowie/Queen style ballad “Sign… Read more »
  • Male Victim Involved In Fatal Motorcycle Crash
    MALIBU— A male victim was killed in a collision involving a motorcycle and a vehicle on PCH on Saturday, May 14.  The collision occurred on PCH near Mulholland Highway and Leo Carillo State Beach at around 4:15 p.m on Saturday.  The victim was the motorcyclist, a male, Pacific Attorney Group… Read more »
  • Griffith Observatory Hosting Online Broadcast Of Lunar EclipseGriffith Observatory Hosting Online Broadcast Of Lunar Eclipse
    Griffith Park— A total lunar eclipse will be visible from Los Angeles tonight on Sunday, May 15. The Griffith Park Observatory will be hosting an online broadcast of the event, weather permitting.  On Sunday, May 15, 2022, Griffith Observatory will be hosting a live, online broadcast of the total lunar… Read more »
  • Carjacking Incident Involving LAPD and SMPD
    SANTA MONICA— A carjacking “pursuit” led to the Los Angeles Police Department being called to assist the Santa Monica Police Department in apprehending the suspect on Sunday, May 15.  LAPD said they were called by the SMPD to assist in a carjacking “pursuit” that ended on 4th Street and Rose… Read more »
  • RV Catches Fire, Victim Sustains Severe InjuriesRV Catches Fire, Victim Sustains Severe Injuries
    VENICE— The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a motorhome on fire on Rose Avenue off of Lincoln Boulevard on Saturday, May 14. A male victim was transported to the hospital with severe burn and smoke inhalation injuries. Around 1:30 p.m, a passerby called 911 to report an RV on… Read more »
  • One Killed In A Car Crash On PCH
    MALIBU—One person was found dead on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on Saturday, May 14. The victim was said to have died from a crash that occurred north of Mulholland Highway near Leo Carrillo State Beach.  The collision took place around 4:19 a.m. The name of the victim and other… Read more »
  • Fighting The Urge To Snack People
    UNITED STATES—Do you like to snack? I think we all do, but the problem with snacking is that it can lead to major weight gain problems if you’re not careful people. We all know you’re told time and time again; that you should have 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch… Read more »
  • Three Dead Children Discovered 7 Hours After Initial LAPD ResponseThree Dead Children Discovered 7 Hours After Initial LAPD Response
    WOODLAND HILLS—The timeline in which the Los Angeles Police Department discovered the bodies of three children inside their home on Sunday, May 8, has raised questions from the public. The children’s mother, Angela Dawn Flores, 38, was detained by officers for “disturbing the peace,” and taken to the hospital the… Read more »
  • Can The Brain Have An Off-Switch?
    UNITED STATES—Have you ever wonder why the brain doesn’t have an off-switch. I think we all know why, because if it stopped working so would you America, but at the same time the brain is indeed a complicated organ. Why so much happens with the brain just delving into it… Read more »
  • Sheila Carter Exposed On “Bold And Beautiful!”
    HOLLYWOOD—Well at last, the walls have crumbled for Sheila Carter on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” If Sheila had not pushed, Steffy would NOT have recalled the terrible night at Il Giardino that left her husband and the father of Hayes, fatally shot by his own mother. That’s right people… Read more »

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