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  • Swifties Unite!
    HOLLYWOOD- How many of us can relate?  So many of us have been strung along in relationships, and many of us turn to comfort food eating, chocolates and delicious desserts after a breakup. We have all been there and done that! That’s why the success of Taylor Swift is huge,… Read more »
  • Shincheonji’s Bible Seminar By Continent Asia I-PhilippinesShincheonji’s Bible Seminar By Continent Asia I-Philippines
    UNITED STATES—An indoor lecture hall in the Philippines. At first glance, there were a lot of applause in the spacious lecture hall with thousands of people. A powerful voice, a confident lecture that is hard to see as coming from a small body of an old age over the slit.… Read more »
  • Test Taking Predicts Nothing
    UNITED STATES—For many Americans, especially if you’re still in school or you have children, they are likely in the chaos of taking exams or preparing to take tests whether it is for the semester, end of the year, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE or so many more, test taking is part… Read more »
  • Cash Is King
    UNITED STATES—I have heard this phrase time and time again, “Cash is King,” but is it truly? I know so many people nowadays who barely and I mean barely carry $5 in their wallet. Everyone relies on technology and plastic and that is quite dangerous, very dangerous. This has become… Read more »
  • DiMera Family Drama On “Days Of Our Lives”!
    HOLLYWOOD—If there is one family in the fictional town of Salem that you can count on to bring the drama look no further than the DiMeras on “Days of Our Lives,” to bring it. It feels like Chad and EJ are targeting Stefan who was recently arrested and charged for… Read more »
  • The Criminal Trial of Former President Trump Begins
    MANHATTAN, NEW YORK—On Thursday, April 18, the selection process of choosing twelve jurors to serve on the jury panel with Acting Justice of the New York Supreme Court Judge Juan M. Merchan presiding over the first and only criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump. Twelve jurors and one… Read more »
  • Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside Trump TrialMan Sets Himself On Fire Outside Trump Trial
    MANHATTAN, NEW YORK—On Friday, April 19, at approximately 1:30 p.m., an individual. Later identified as Maxwell Azzarello of St. Augustine, Florida, who traveled in for the criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump, caught himself on fire outside the New York City Courthouse. Azzarello was in the designated protest… Read more »
  • Nina And Drew Sizzle On “General Hospital”!
    HOLLYWOOD—I knew it, I just felt it in my bones that the writers on “General Hospital” were going to have a pairing between Drew and Nina. Let me just say, those two sizzle as they had hate sex. Yeah, that is what it is people, as much as you might… Read more »
  •  “Civil War” Is Tense, Gut-Punching Cinema
    HOLLYWOOD—I cannot tell you a movie that I have seen so potent, so visceral and in your face in decades. I am referring to the 2024 flick “Civil War.” I hate to say this, but it is the best movie of 2024, but I dare think of a flick that… Read more »
  • A Glimpse Into The Thrilling World Of Sports Betting And Casino Games
    UNITED STATES—It’s all about the thrill of making a wager, the suspense of the game and of course the potential for victory. Those three things encapsulate the allure of sports betting and casino games for enthusiasts worldwide, becoming a favored hobby for many. Exploring this vibrant space reveals how these… Read more »

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