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  • 13 Heartbreaking Signs You Are Wasting Your Time Trying To Get Your Ex Back
    Love is never easy. Even more difficult are break ups. They bring in their wake a whirlwind of emotions. When you finally decide to call it off, it leaves you desperate to turn back the clock and rekindle what you once had. Your heart yearns for it even though your… Read more »
  • 9 Best Trans Dating Apps And Sites: Top Expert Picks
    Finding dates or romantic connections has always been a bit challenging for transgender people. Luckily, the advances in technology simplified the way we find love nowadays, and the advent of trans dating sites has had a great impact on the transgender community. There are plenty of such websites and apps… Read more »
  • Why Does My Girlfriend Hit Me? Expert Shares 11 Possible Reasons And Ways To Cope
    “Why does my girlfriend hit me?” — Men hesitate to confess this personal crisis. A study says, “Domestic violence against men covers a broad range of violent acts such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or financial abuse.” It’s quite underreported due to the myths surrounding male survivors. According… Read more »
  • Is My Partner Cheating On Me? Quiz
    Have you observed a sudden shift in your partner’s behavior? Perhaps you’ve noticed them becoming more guarded with their phone, taking extra precautions to keep it locked. If a lingering sense of unease has led you to ponder, “Is my partner cheating on me?” – rest assured, you’re not alone.… Read more »
  • Building Healthy Boundaries: The Key to Trust and Respect in Relationships
    Trust and respect are fundamental pillars in any healthy relationship. Without these, you cannot hope to build a wholesome, lasting connection with another person. Irrespective of how long you’ve been together, making a conscious effort to nurture these two elements is vital to the sustenance of a relationship. Without them,… Read more »
  • Navigating The Complexities Of Consent In Modern Relationships
    Now more than ever, you want to be sure that you and your partner consent to literally every single thing that you do in your relationship. To some people, consent may seem like an afterthought or easy to take for granted. This is especially true for those who have been… Read more »
  • What Is My Type Of Girl? Quiz
    Just as no two snowflakes are the same, no two women are identical! So, how do you know who the ideal girl for you is? Fortunately, Dhriti Bhavsar, a psychologist armed with a master’s degree in psychology, has created this simple 10 question quiz to help you figure it out!… Read more »
  • 50 Incredible Responses To The “Dating Me Is Like” Hinge Prompt
    Are you one of those who go straight to stalking their potential match on social media as soon as they win the swiping game on a dating app? Let’s accept it, waiting to break the ice on the first date doesn’t work for most of us in this fast-paced era… Read more »
  • 100 Best Hinge Conversation Starters To Get You To The Talking Stage
    Looking to level up your dating game and avoid the abyss of ghosting? Dive into this list of 100 best Hinge conversation starters to get you to the talking stage! Whether you’re wondering how to start a conversation on Hinge, seeking the right questions to ask on Hinge, or just… Read more »
  • How Does A Narcissist React When They Can’t Control You?
    While talking about narcissism in his bestselling book The Art of Loving, psychoanalyst Erich Fromm said, “The main condition for the achievement of love is the overcoming of one’s narcissism.” And he was right. Narcissism can, in many cases prevent a healthy relationship from blossoming, because nothing or nobody is… Read more »

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