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  • Bali Dinobatkan Sebagai Destinasi Liburan Terbahagia Tahun 2022
    Club Med mengeluarkan daftar 10 destinasi liburan terbahagia di dunia setelah mengumpulkan data dari 50 destinasi wisata paling banyak dikunjungi. Destinasi liburan terbahagia No. 1: Bali, Indonesia Menurut penelitian Club Med, Bali adalah destinasi paling populer karena spa dan pusat kebugaran yang tersedia dan segala peluang aktivitas luar ruangan. Menyusul… Read more »
  • Bali Ranked As The Happiest Holiday Destination For 2022
    Club Med released its list of the top 10 happiest travel destinations in the world after compiling data from the 50 most visited tourist destinations. No. 1 happiest travel destination: Bali, Indonesia According to Club Med’s research, Bali was the most popular destination due to the spa and wellness centers… Read more »
  • Indonesia Blocks Access To Steam, Epic Games, PayPal
    The companies missed the deadline to comply Indonesia’s new requirements The Indonesian government has blocked access to a range of online services, including Steam, Epic Games, PayPal, and Yahoo after the companies failed to comply with a new requirement related to the country’s restrictive content moderation laws, as reported earlier by Reuters.… Read more »
  • Indonesia The Most Chilled-Out Country In The World – Study Reveals
    Indonesia is the most chilled-out country in the world followed by Australia, a new study has revealed. Researchers came up with a list of the most relaxing nations by analysing a number of factors including the personal rights of citizens, noise and light pollution, temperatures, the number of public holidays… Read more »
  • Charles, Prince of Wales, in Borobudur in 1989
    Charles, Prince of Wales, while visiting Borobudur in 1989. In the photo, The Prince of Wales reached into the Buddha statue in the temple which is often called Kunto Bimo. Kunto Bimo is a myth that is believed by the people around the Borobudur which says that anyone who reaches… Read more »
  • The Incredible Story Of Kawah Ijen’s Sulphur Miners In 15 Photos
    Even if you haven’t visited Kawah Ijen before, you may have seen photos of its famous “blue fire”. The spectacular blue fire is ignited the sulphuric gas, which emerges from cracks at temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius. However, what you may not have seen in photos are the men who put their… Read more »
  • 170cm Bridge Clearance In Jakarta, Indonesia
    According to one netizen, the bridge on top is part of a new rail network, which has been quickly built. Some areas like this have been not been upgraded as quick as the rail line, so are kind of weird. This is by far the worst example though. The post… Read more »
  • You Can See Batavia In 1627 Thanks To This Virtual Reality Museum Exhibit
    The Westfries Museum in the Netherlands has just launched a new exhibit bringing Batavia to life using Virtual Reality. On May 30, 1619, Jan Pietersz Coen founded Batavia, the headquarters of the VOC in the Dutch East Indies. This VR exhibit was created to commemorate 400 years since Batavia was… Read more »
  • Angelo The Orangutan Awaiting An Operation To Have Air Gun Pellets Removed In North Sumatra
    Patiently waiting for his medical examination, orangutan Angelo almost resembles a worried human lying on an operation table. After being severely injured by air-gun pellets in an Indonesian palm oil plantation, he was brought to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP) care centre so that he could recover. The rising global demand for palm oil, used… Read more »
  • Jakarta Taxi Driver Politely Asks Passengers To Help Him Learn English
    Pak Tarmedi, a taxi driver from Jakarta, asks that his passengers only speak English to him so he can practice and improve his Bahasa Inggris – and he’s even prepared a song to introduce himself! The post Jakarta Taxi Driver Politely Asks Passengers To Help Him Learn English appeared first… Read more »

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