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  • Tips for Staying Occupied When Travelling SoloTips for Staying Occupied When Travelling Solo
    Do you prefer travelling solo or in a group? If you’re a lone wolf then keep reading, as we explain how to keep yourself entertained when you’re solo on the road! By Richard Collett “I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more.” Thomas Jefferson… Read more »
  • Atauro Island: The Tropical Paradise You’ve Never Heard OfAtauro Island: The Tropical Paradise You’ve Never Heard Of
    With white sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs and a burgeoning community-based tourism scene, Atauro Island is the tropical you’ve probably never heard of. This guide to East Timor’s Atauro Island was updated 20th May 2022. By Richard Collett “Atauro Island has some of the most beautiful coral in all of… Read more »
  • Smuggling, Sailing and Sustainability: A Tall Ship Journey Along the Cornish Coast with VentureSail HolidaysSmuggling, Sailing and Sustainability: A Tall Ship Journey Along the Cornish Coast with VentureSail Holidays
    Along Britain’s dramatic southwest coast, historic tall ship sailing journeys offer a sustainable way to uncover Cornwall’s smuggling past and maritime heritage. This trip was provided courtesy of VentureSail Holidays. All opinions expressed are those of the author and the Travel Tramp editorial team. By Richard Collett “Them that ask… Read more »
  • Visiting a Micronation: The Principality of the Hutt RiverVisiting a Micronation: The Principality of the Hutt River
    Editors Note: Unfortunately, the Principality of the Hutt River closed its doors for good in January 2020 following the death of Prince Leonard and pressure from the Australian government seeking to reclaim unpaid taxes. Richard Collett 2022.  I had driven hundreds of miles from Perth through nothingness, burnt for hours… Read more »
  • What’s the Current Travel Advice for Spain?What’s the Current Travel Advice for Spain?
    After being hit hard by the COVID19 pandemic, Spain opened its borders to international tourism in July 2020 but has since reclosed the borders to many countries. It plans to only reopen to international tourism again once at least thirty per cent of the population has had the COVID-19 vaccination.… Read more »
  • How to survive a long-haul flightHow to survive a long-haul flight
    Long-haul flights can be a pain. If you are not a massive fan of flying, the idea of sitting in a chair for 14 hours is hell. However, there’re a number of ways you can make it easier on yourself. Here’s how to survive a long-haul flight! Upgrade your seats … Read more »
  • How To Find The Perfect Balance Between Work And TravelHow To Find The Perfect Balance Between Work And Travel
    Travelling around the world is a serious privilege – one that in recent times, no one has been taking for granted! – and as the world begins to open up again to travel, digital nomads and remote workers will once again be looking to re-discover that valuable work-travel balance! For… Read more »
  • 4 Inspiring Ideas for Life-Changing Travel4 Inspiring Ideas for Life-Changing Travel
    The experiences you have whilst travelling will stay with you for life.  Unfortunately, with the limited travel opportunities of the past twelve months, many of us have been stuck at home and simply itching to get out and reacquaint ourselves with the wonders of the world as soon as possible. … Read more »
  • Dark Tourism in CornwallDark Tourism in Cornwall
    Cornwall is the staycation destination of choice for many Brits – but while most head to this county for beaches and relatively warmer weather, there’s much more to Cornwall than meets the eye. In this blog post, we’ll talk about dark tourism in Cornwall – including tales of smuggling, eerie… Read more »
  • The Best National Parks in Canada!The Best National Parks in Canada!
    Canada is a vast and beautiful country, a place that’s full of natural wonders and national parks! While there some fantastic cities, it’s the mountains, the lakes, and the wildlife that are the real reasons to visit this North American nation! All of these make it a great place for… Read more »

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