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  • UK Betting Firms Commit to Five Pledges for Safer Gambling
    The recommendation comes in the same week that shares in UK gambling companies fell nearly £1.2 billion in value after the Guardian revealed that MPs had recommended curbs on online casino games worth more than £2 billion to the industry. The announcement was made the same week as the news… Read more »
  • Time For a Break form The Rate Race !!! Indonesia’s Rainforests and Parks is a Must
    Among the most diverse and abundant plant and animal species on the planet can be found in the dense tropical forests that cover much of Indonesia’s landscape. It’s on Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan) that you’ll find the archipelago’s largest national parks. These are vital because they contain both human habitations… Read more »
  • You Can Do This With Your Infant
    1. Show Care Your new baby needs all the love and attention it can get. As a father, you can hold your child, talk to it, and change it. It calms your child and strengthens your bond. #TIP: Keep your baby full and satisfied between breastfeeds. 2. Look your child… Read more »
  • ‘Peaky Blinders’ Returns: Watch the Trailer for the Final Season
    Over the course of five seasons, the gangster drama ‘Peaky Blinders’ has developed a devoted following. This is due in large part to the consistently well-dressed Thomas Shelby and Alfie Solomons, the series’ elegant time-image, and the dirty orgy of violence that takes place in interwar Birmingham, among other factors.… Read more »
  • Men Need to Get Together and Grow Up
    The man is expected to exhibit both traditional and new male virtues. And some men struggle to live up to it, says blogger Ole Grosen. “We have many men. Men want traditional masculine virtues as well as newer virtues that some men, but not all, have adopted. It’s a new… Read more »
  • Music Playlists
    What could be worse than a party with no music? The auxiliary plug goes on tour, complete with flat breaks and dramatic style changes, among other surprises. Sure, there aren’t any tiled stoves available for Gatsby-style New Year’s Eve / Birthday parties this year, but if you’re like a lot… Read more »
  • German Sociologist of Religion: to Imagine a Future Without Religion Is Like Imagining It Without Dance or Sex
    Imagining a world without religion or “the sacred” is like imagining a world without dance, music, sex, or other enchanting and transcendent experiences. Religion is not dead. Throughout the 20th century, most sociologists assumed otherwise. While both Max Weber and Émile Durkheim, two of sociology’s founding fathers, were fascinated by… Read more »
  • Netflix Adds More Free Mobile Games – More Game to Add to Your Collection
    In addition to movies and television series, Netflix recently added the first games to its streaming service. As a result of the company’s success, it has decided to expand its product line by adding two more games. These are great to your already great list of top Slot Games Subscribers… Read more »
  • Prioritizing Skiing to Get to The TOP
    You have a background as a professional free skier, which is something we admire. “How did you manage to get this far?” By prioritizing skiing over almost everything else and basking in the positive energy that surrounded me, now that I was fortunate enough to live in a place where… Read more »
  • Putting the Jacket on the Back Seat of the Car Is the Ultimate Sign of Profit
    Boris Schilling Weiss analyzes the mundane act of putting his jacket on the back seat of his car. The world always needs a jacket. The human-animal is fascinating. Our gait, speech, and choices all have subtleties that together reveal a lot about who we are and how we feel. To… Read more »

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