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  • The Inspired Unemployed are Laughing to the Bank!
    Composed of Australian comedians Matt Ford and Jack Steele, The Inspired Unemployed epitomizes a modern-day success story where talent and social media savvy converge. Before their rise to fame, Matt and Jack were tradies in Kiama, Sydney. Ford worked as a landscaper, bricklayer, and carpenter, while Steele was a plasterer… Read more »
  • Rekkie Net Worth – Skiing into Prosperity Post-Shark Tank?
    An innovative company specializing in smart snow goggles, Rekkie recently made a splash on Shark Tank. Founded by Henry, David and Fletcher Pease, Rekkie aims to transform the skiing experience for enthusiasts worldwide. After appearing on Shark Tank, the guys got a deal with Mark Cuban. Currently, Rekkie is worth… Read more »
  • Bunny Eyez – Making a Spectacular Splash After Shark Tank!
    At first glance, Bunny Eyez might seem like your everyday pair of reading glasses, but there’s more than meets the eye here. With temples that can be flipped and tilted to your heart’s content, these glasses are the brainchild of two sisters, Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz. They appeared on… Read more »
  • Yum Crumbs Net Worth – Their Sweet Success After Shark Tank
    Toppings have the power to transform ordinary dishes into culinary delights. When it comes to desserts, the team at Yum Crumbs has taken this concept to a new level. Delson and Amanda Jeanvilma are on a mission to revolutionize the world of dessert toppings. Delson pitched the business on Shark… Read more »
  • Krapp Strapp – Tying Up a Fortune After Shark Tank?
    In the world of outdoor innovation, few products make a splash quite like Krapp Strapp did when it appeared on Shark Tank. Founded by Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg, this unique product was designed with the practical needs of outdoor enthusiasts in mind. By the time they pitched to the… Read more »
  • Supermix Studio – Life After the Shark Tank Spotlight
    Supermix Studios isn’t just a brand; it’s a creative revolution in children’s fashion. Founded by Jennifer Stein-Bischoff, this innovative company has carved out a unique niche as the world’s first interactive custom clothing company for kids. With a valuation of $1 million and the recent spotlight on Shark Tank, Supermix… Read more »
  • Mini Materials – A Tiny Company’s Giant Leap After Shark Tank
    In the realm of the miniature, where the whimsical meets the practical, Mini Materials has carved out a niche that’s anything but small. As the world’s leading miniature construction company, Mini Materials is about igniting your imagination, providing educational tools that make learning a hands-on experience. Under its new owner,… Read more »
  • Joey Swoll’s Life, Love, and Anti-Bullying AdvocacyJoey Swoll’s Life, Love, and Anti-Bullying Advocacy
    Real name Joseph Sergo, Joey Swoll has been a recognizable figure in the bodybuilding world for over a decade. However, his popularity skyrocketed on TikTok due to his gym positivity videos and has got coverage on publications such as British GQ and the New York Post. Swoll has branded himself… Read more »
  • Thrill Builders Valuation – Latest Update After Shark Tank!
    You won’t have trouble finding a construction company to build you a house, but not many can conjure a haunted mansion. With a focus on building escape rooms and Halloween attractions, Thrill Builders has made its mark in a strange niche. Guy Kitchell appeared on the latest episode of Shark… Read more »
  • American Ghost Walks – Paranormal Profits After Shark Tank!
    Nestled in the shadows of conventional attractions lies a chilling alternative: paranormal tours. American Ghost Walks delves into the paranormal tales of America’s past and made a spine-tingling appearance on Shark Tank. Unfortunately, they scared the Sharks away from making a deal. As of 2023, American Ghost Walks has an… Read more »

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