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  • Exploring the Secret Poker Faces of Famous Rappers
    Most folks always connect poker with high-stakes casinos or some smoky hidden rooms. Same way, hip-hop is usually all about the beats, lyrical poetry, and a captivating performance style. You will be surprised to learn that your favorite rap stars also love their rounds of poker like the next person.… Read more »
  • Copywrite :: T.H.E. Last Supper
    Slick Rick. 2Pac. Keith Murray. Shyne. Prodigy. Beanie Sigel. Those are rappers whose ranks Columbus, Ohio rapper Copywrite can now count himself among. That’s because his latest album, “T.H.E. Last Supper”, has been released while he’s currently on lockdown. Being incarcerated would typically mean that the artist no longer has… Read more »
  • Slum Village :: F.U.N.
    If you review a Slum Village album you mention J Dilla. It’s practically a law. I’m not even complaining about that fact. I’m bringing it up for two reasons — SV would never have existed without him, and several iterations prominently featured his younger brother Illa J (John Derek Yancey).… Read more »
  • Peter Sparker x STS :: Who We Are
    From the U.K. to the U.S., Hidden Hobby Records has managed to link two hip-hop artists for a joint album. In one corner, we’ve got Scotland-based beatsmith STS and, in the other corner there’s ATL rapper Peter Sparker. Though Atlanta’s underground rap scene is often overlooked because of the city’s… Read more »
  • Brennan Savage :: Badlands
    I want to play two songs for you back to back and have you listen to the first 20 seconds of each one. Let’s start with “Scars” by Brennan Savage. Now listen to the same amount of “One Step Closer” by Linkin Park. While Brennan Savage’s “Scars” is obviously pitched… Read more »
  • Axe Murder Boyz :: God’s Hand
    Frankly “God’s Hand” is confusing. I might be tipping my hand for the entire review in the opening paragraph, but if I am so be it. I was doing another of my regular searches for “obscure rap albums I haven’t covered” and came across an entry for the Axe Murder… Read more »

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