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  • Epic Tales of Slots: Finding the Treasures of History
    In the vibrant tapestry of entertainment, few threads are as intricate and fascinating as the history of slot machines. Beyond the flashy lights and enticing sounds of contemporary casinos lies a narrative that spans centuries, weaving through technological revolutions, social upheavals, and the global evolution of gaming. This exploration invites… Read more »
  • Atmosphere :: So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously
    My favorite rap album skit never fails to make me chuckle, particularly from a period when rap skits were often considered tiresome or overkill. There was Rugged Man’s darkly comic “Pick My Gun Up”, Redman’s brilliant Jerry Springer spoof “Jerry Swinger Stick Up”, and best of all was the skit… Read more »
  • Jackson Conti :: Sujinho
    “Sujinho” is a Madlib album. Jackson Conti is just a made up pseudonym, but anything other than Otis Jackson Jr. is too. It’s not like this is the first or last alternate handle he’s had. He’s been DJ Rels. He’s been Quasimoto. He’s been Jahari Massamba Unit. On any given… Read more »
  • Bizarre :: Friday Night at St. Andrews
    Trying to explain Bizarre to an audience who didn’t know him at his peak is an interesting challenge. My first instinct is to say he was the Detroit rap version of Big Black, but if you never watched Rob & Big on MTV that explanation is meaningless. MTV does lead… Read more »
  • Jay Critch :: Signed with Love
    Tell me you want to be Drake without telling me you want to be Drake. I’m sitting here listening to “Signed with Love” by Jay Critch and at every turn I feel like I’m listening to the Brooklyn version of Aubrey Drake Graham. The pauses at the end of a… Read more »
  • Fast Life Yungstaz :: Jamboree
    It’s quite frankly astounding that an album released by Def Jam should be as obscure as “Jamboree,” but if this is your first time hearing of the Fast Life Yungstaz rest assured it’s mine too. I tried to find out who the hell they were without much success until I… Read more »

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