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  • Onyx :: Onyx 4 LifeOnyx :: Onyx 4 Life
    It’s one thing having a lengthy career as a rapper, another thing entirely doing it for thirty years as intense and ferociously as Onyx has. Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz continue to pump out chest-pumping music with unrivaled passion and aggression, and show no sign of slowing down with their… Read more »
  • Lil Pump :: Harverd Dropout
    “Did so much molly I think I damaged my brain” Aside from the obvious humor of that quote the only think I can think when listening to “Fasho Fasho” is “Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang.” In the two years following the viral success of his hit single… Read more »
  • Tha Twinz :: Tha Loccs
    Did Snoop Dogg feel bad for Lil 1/2 Dead and Tha Twinz? I don’t mean any disrespect by asking that question, but when I look at “Tha Loccs” EP that’s the first thought that comes to mind. Experience has taught me that if an idea like that percolates in my… Read more »
  • Schoolly D :: Reservoir Dog
    It’s hard to justify my affection for Schoolly D when listening to albums like “Reservoir Dog.” In the past I’ve written about the fact he’s a gangster rap legend, considered by some to be the progenitor of the genre as a whole, though there are other rappers from the 1980’s… Read more »
  • Marvaless :: Just Marvaless
    Whatever happened to Marvaless? The last time I remember hearing about her is when she and Messy Marv declared themselves “Bonnie & Clyde” back in 2003, and according to Wikipedia her last full album was in 2010. She seems to have disappeared completely. I remember when C-Bo put her on… Read more »
  • Top Ten Black Rob Videos
    RIP Robert Ross b/k/a Black Rob. 1.) Black Rob – “Whoa!” 2.) Black Rob f/ Joe Hooker – “I Dare You” 3.) Black Rob f/ G. Dep, Lil’ Kim – “Espacio” 4.) Black Rob – “Star in the Hood” 5.) G. Dep f/ Black Rob, P. Diddy – “Let’s Get… Read more »

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