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  • How To Make Your Filmmaking Goal Happen
    I have taken a four-day long weekend break. The result is a moment of clarity. I’ve just realised how to make your filmmaking goal happen. It’s a question I get asked time and time again in our monthly career surgery. It’s something so simple.  It’s called the Habit Rule. In… Read more »
  • 5 Tips to Boost Brand Awareness with Video Marketing in 20245 Tips to Boost Brand Awareness with Video Marketing in 2024
    Video marketing is evolving in 2024 as businesses seek new ways to boost brand awareness and connect with audiences. With the power of sight and sound combined with compelling storytelling, videos provide unmatched opportunities for brands to increase their visibility.  That’s why 70% of people who haven’t used video marketing… Read more »
  • The Newbie’s Guide to Netting a Film Studio JobThe Newbie’s Guide to Netting a Film Studio Job
    Getting a new job can seem daunting, especially when facing the film industry’s bright lights and glamor. The first step is to look past your initial fears to avoid getting intimidated.  Productions need workers and those roles are attainable. The next steps are about staying on your toes and being… Read more »
  • Gay Pride: Films That Explore LGBTQ+ Issues | Raindance
    There is nothing that can change public opinions faster than a movie. The shared experience of watching a movie that elicits emotio0n creates phenomenal impact. Many films have powerfully explored LGBTQ+ issues, contributing significantly to the representation and discussion of LGBTQ+ rights, identities, and experiences. Here is a list of… Read more »
  • A Filmmakers Guide To Being Hacked
    It always happens to me in one of two situations: on a shoot at the end of a tortuously long day, Or, on a day like today.  We’re in the frantic run up to the film festival when the entire team is multitasking their tits off. And the pressure starts… Read more »
  • Must-Reads and Hot Topics for Busy FilmmakersMust-Reads and Hot Topics for Busy Filmmakers
    Our email inbox and phone answering machine is full of busy filmmaker questions. At Raindance, that means a lot of great new content is created and published and read – over 348,000 web visits in the past 30 days. That’s a lot of visits and makes Raindance the 2nd largest… Read more »
  • Crowdfunding Your Film: Essential Practices
    Independent filmmakers often turn to crowdfunding platforms to gather financial support for their projects, whether short or full-length films. Many crowdfunded films screen at festivals like Raindance. Crowdfunding your film means your need to carefully consider some important points. Once you have decided to take the plunge and crowdfund, here… Read more »
  • Creating A Low-budget Screenplay – 10 Tips
      At Raindance, low-budget is the name of the game we play! And the key to creating a low-budget screenplay is to illicit deep emotion in the reader. And creating a low-budget screenplay with a significant emotional impact involves focusing on elements that can convey depth and resonance without requiring… Read more »
  • Single Location Movies
    If you want to make a movie, and a movie on a limited budget, choose a story that takes place in a single location. Why? Every time you move to a new location, you need to pay for transport, and hire a new location. Essentially you are looking for a… Read more »
  • How Film School Prepares For Any Career
    As a parent myself, I can sympathise with one’s child announcing that they want to be a filmmaker. Why would the child you have invested so much time, energy and money be interested in a career where success is nebulous? Film school might not be the most direct path to… Read more »

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