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  • Jase Medical Review: Emergency Antibiotics for Travel
    Whenever I travel overseas I usually travel with some antibiotics in case of an emergency. If you suddenly get sick it can be a real pain to locate a doctor (not to mention costly) so it’s just easier to have them on hand so you can treat yourself instantly before… Read more »
  • ReadySlim Review: Cleansing Teas for Detoxing
    True to the British stereotype, I’m an avid tea drinker, which usually amuses all my American friends here in New York. Not a day goes by without drinking a cup of tea and I find it to be incredibly relaxing. I have my own fancy tea cup and usually put… Read more »
  • Visiting J. Lorraine Ghost Town, Austin, Texas
    One of the weirdest but coolest things to do in Austin, Texas, is the J.Lorraine Ghost Town. On my last day in Austin I told my friend Kyle I wanted to shoot guns, so we drove to a shooting range and saw the sign to this ghost town along the way.… Read more »
  • Day Trip to Cadiz from Seville: One Day Itinerary
    Once you’ve spent a couple of days exploring the beautiful city of Seville, you’ll probably want to organize a few day trips to explore the surrounding area. Popular places to visit on day trip from Seville include Ronda, Cordoba, Jerez, Granada and Cadiz. When I visited Seville I ventured to… Read more »
  • Weekend in Chicago Itinerary: Ultimate 3 Days in Chicago + Maps!
    I first visited Chicago all the way back in 2010 and my recollection of the city had become somewhat hazy so I decided it was high time I go back. This time I returned to The Windy City with the sole purpose of writing this detailed weekend itinerary so I… Read more »
  • 15 Best Whitewater Kayaking Destinations in the U.S.
    Whitewater kayaking is an experience you should definitely try at least once. The connection you get with nature as you battle through the rushing water is an intense feeling! It’s also a great activity to do with friends. Whitewater kayaking with your buddies can give a stronger bond as you… Read more »
  • 15 Best Things To Do in Costa Rica
    Costa Rica is one of the most rejuvenating and peaceful places I have ever visited. It’s incredibly green and rich in nature, with lots to experience for those who like outdoor adventures. The food is made with fresh ingredients, the people are incredibly welcoming and with two coastlines you’ll be… Read more »
  • Why Did Chris McCandless Go Into the Wild & How Did He Die?
    I’m not quite sure how the classic “road story” Into The Wild passed under my radar for so long, but it did. I was at a friend’s house in London when I picked up a copy of the book. “It’s a true story” he told me. “It’s about this guy who… Read more »
  • 21 Best Things To Do in Rio de Janeiro
    My trip to Rio was supposed to be my first stop on a 2-week itinerary that also included Ilha Grande, Sao Paulo and Iguassu Falls.  But then Rio de Janeiro sucked me in and I never left. I spent the entire two weeks exploring the city, laying on the beach,… Read more »
  • Day Trip to Glendalough from Dublin (P.S I Love You, Ireland)
    I’m in love with Ireland. The scenery, the people, the Guinness, the pubs, the music…it’s a great ‘craic’ as they say! It may be a bit cheesy for some, but the movie P.S I Love You was one of my inspirations for visiting the Emerald Isle. If you’ve never seen… Read more »

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