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  • What is New York Known For? 31 Things NY is Famous For
    New York State is known for its vibrant and bustling city of New York, often referred to as the “Big Apple.” This city is a global center for finance, fashion, art, and entertainment and stands as a symbol of the American dream. New York State is also renowned for its… Read more »
  • What is Arkansas Known For? 20 Things Arkansas is Famous For
    Arkansas is known for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes. The state is famous for its abundance of outdoor activities, with the Ozark Mountains offering breathtaking hiking trails and beautiful lakes for fishing and boating. Arkansas is also home to the stunning Hot Springs National Park, where visitors can relax… Read more »
  • Exploring Lanzarote: Top 18 Experiences You Can’t Miss
    Tucked away in the glistening embrace of the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote stands as an alluring haven, extending an irresistible invitation to wanderers. This enchanting island weaves a tapestry of natural marvels, adventure, and local allure, crafting a unique allure for every kind of explorer. Brace yourself for a journey through… Read more »
  • Which car to rent to visit Morocco?
    Morocco entices tourists from all over the world with its captivating ancient wonders, lively culture, and stunning scenery. In order to fully experience this alluring location, renting a car is a necessary first step. A carefully selected vehicle will not only improve your exploration but also provide you a feeling… Read more »
  • What is Alaska Known For? 20 Things Alaska is Famous For
    Alaska is known for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, with majestic glaciers, towering mountains, and vast national parks that showcase the state’s breathtaking landscapes. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Alaska to partake in activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, and kayaking in its pristine wilderness. The state is also famous for its stunning… Read more »
  • What is Vermont Known For? 21 Things Vermont is Famous For
    Nestled in the northeastern part of the United States, Vermont boasts breathtaking landscapes, from its rolling hills and picturesque mountains to its verdant countryside. This state is renowned for several distinguishing features, including its world-famous maple syrup, exhilarating skiing and outdoor recreational opportunities, and the beloved Ben & Jerry’s ice… Read more »
  • A Tour of The Golden Circle, Iceland
    The Golden Circle is a popular tourist trail in Iceland, covering a 300km loop from Reykjavik to central Iceland and back. It allows you to see some of Iceland’s most famous sights, including geysirs and the magnificent Gulfoss waterfall. We took a bus tour to the Golden Circle with Reykjavik… Read more »
  • Review: Holiday Inn and Suites Makati
    When visiting Manila, the business district of Makati is THE place to stay. In this area there are a number of huge shopping malls all connected to each other, including Glorietta Mall and the lush, tropical Green Belt mall. It’s definitely a place to shop-till-you-drop! The Holiday Inn & Suites… Read more »
  • How to Prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek?
    Preparing for the Everest Base Camp Trek (5364m) is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. To get ready, make sure your body is strong by doing exercises like running and biking. Strengthen your legs and belly to walk better. Since you’ll be going up high, take it slow… Read more »
  • Food in Belgium: 8 Belgian Foods to Tempt Your Taste Buds
    If there’s one overall impression I took away from my recent trip to Belgium, it’s that they like their food, and lots of it. They may be a small country but they sure have big appetites. It’s not just the quantity that they’re interested in, they’re also passionate about the… Read more »

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