Owning A Pet In South Africa

Havening a pet requires a lot of the individual or owner of the pet’s time as well as money. Just like human beings, animals have needs too and raising a puppy or kitten can be costly as the owner will have to de-worm them and take them for various shots while they are little.

Pet shops are places that sell pet supplies and some of them sell pets as well. You can find various animals like fish, hamsters, rabbits, lizards, mice, guinea pigs, and sometimes even kittens and puppies as well, although most times you can buy puppies and older dogs from dogs breeders. A pet shop stock and sell various products and supplies suited for your pet’s individual needs, they also have health care goods to help the pet’s owner be sure that their pet is well taken care of and as healthy as can be. From sleeping baskets to collars and pest control almost anything that the owner may need for their pet, a pet store is sure to have.

South Africa has a couple of well known, trusted local pet shops and products available to help make raising your pet, as well as taking care of it a pleasure and joy. For the individual’s convenience and thanks to the internet, many pet stores online can be found with a simple click of a button. Pet stores online are a very convenient way to shop for your pet and many providers of these sites offer delivery and shipping services in some cases, the items can even be bought for less online than they would be if bought at a store.

Before deciding on which pet shop the individual prefers to stick to, he or she can shop around for the best prices among the rival pet stores. Prices of items can vary from pet shop to pet shop depending on the area, if it is in demand as well as the products whether they are locally made or imported from other countries.

Some gaming manufacturers provide pet shop games which can teach children the responsibility of having a pet and being able to look after it correctly.

Where to find puppies for sale

Buying a puppy is a lot like buying a car or a house, that small little bundle of ears and tail that keeps wiggling and licking you is at least a ten-year commitment. If you look after your dog properly and provide the necessary care and love they need the lifespan of a dog can be almost twenty years.

That is exactly why you should do thorough research not only on the breed of dog you are interested in buying but also on the place where you get the puppy from. There are many places that offer puppies for sale and unfortunately, a lot of pet shops and breeders are only out to make a quick buck. Very often a family will buy a puppy and after a few days, the puppy will become very sick and die. This is not only heartbreaking but also very expensive as veterinary bills can run into thousands of rands very quickly.

The cheapest way of buying a puppy is by looking at the online for sale adverts on free community websites and newspapers. In many cases when puppies are unplanned and the mother is not a breeding dog, the puppies are advertised as free to a good home. In most cases, these are the best types of puppies to get as the owners do not want to make money and have usually taken very good care of them ( like they have looked after their own animals). While these puppies might not necessarily be purebred dogs they may in fact turn out to be excellent pets.

The most common types of puppies for sale by breeders are Yorkie puppies, husky puppies and dalmatian puppies. These are usually also the most expensive puppies as the breeders will insist on registering the purebred puppy with the necessary authorities as well as getting them inoculated. Even in today’s unstable economic climate, there is still a huge demand for purebred puppies and people are willing to wait months for their puppy to be born and then pay thousands of rands to own them.

Reasons to get a puppy

There are many many abandoned animals in South Africa these days and the situation is only getting worse. It seems that so many people have stopped caring about their pets and have just forgotten them. The SPCA finds many dogs and cats on a daily basis that needs rescuing because they’ve been left alone with no food or water. This is truly a heartbreaking situation especially when these animals are just little puppies or kittens who have no way of fending for themselves.

The above situation is just one of many reasons it is a good idea for you to get a puppy. Puppies are adorable and cute and they grow up to be great dogs and best friends for you and your children. Having a puppy in your house can teach your children something about love and responsibility. Knowing that a puppy’s life is in their hands will make them think about accountability as well. These are all good life lessons to learn and having a puppy to learn it from makes it a lot more fun!

A puppy can be a great companion to people who are lonely, especially the older generation. Unfortunately, it is a fact that people forget about senior citizens sometimes. They even forget about their own parents! They put them in a retirement home and just leave them there. In such cases, a puppy can also make a big difference since it gives love unconditionally and is always there which makes it less lonely especially at night time.

A big reason to get a puppy is also to give the puppy a good home. Some puppies get adopted but then get abused or mistreated. Luckily in many cases, the puppies are removed from such circumstances and placed with people who can love them and care for them properly. No animal deserves to be abused in any way and if there is something we can do about it, then we should do it. Having a puppy come into your home and loving and caring for it is a very good start at doing something.