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It is not easy to find a reliable mechanic. Moreleta Service Centre is the difference. Talk to our professional team of automotive repair experts today.

Moreleta Service Centre is a name that has been trusted in the automotive industry for many years. These professionals are available to help you with any problem with your vehicle, truck, or bike. They are always on call and ready to assist you when you need them.

  • The importance of using RMI approved workshops
    A vehicle is a big purchase item. So big, in fact, that it’s only second to your home. For this reason alone, it makes the most sense to get it serviced at an accredited and graded workshop. You may believe that sending your car to a “backyard” mechanic is acceptable.… Read more »
  • Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Vehicle on a Regular Basis?
    A poorly maintained vehicle will not only cost you money, but it will also put you and other road users in danger. Preventative maintenance can range from something as basic as changing the oil to a complete diagnostic service for your vehicle. So, why is it vital to maintain your… Read more »
  • Safety tips over Easter
    South Africans will be celebrating the Easter holidays this April. This is going to be a first following last year’s cancelled plans for the whole nation because of the first wave of the Coronavirus that took not only South Africa, but the whole world by storm. Ahead of the Easter… Read more »