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  • 5 Skin Care Trends: What Professional Women, and this Esthetics Icon, are Doing to Look Their Best
    Elaine Sterling knows skin. Caring for it has been her passion for more than 30 years as an esthetician, educator and founder/CEO of the Elaine Sterling Institute, a globally recognized center of learning in the spa, salon and wellness education industry. Through her “living laboratory” at the institute, Elaine created… Read more »
  • AI and Content – Where’s the Emotion?
    The Emotional Story In Your Copy Is What Sells AI and content creation is a big deal right now. In a matter of seconds, you can have a blog, email, article, or social media post finished. It saves you time and effort… but what are the results? What Are You… Read more »
  • The Power of Saying “No” Without Guilt
    It wasn’t surprising to me that 41 percent of respondents to PINK’s survey question: What would make a huge difference to improve your work/life in 2024, answered: “Getting better at saying ‘No.’” Many working women especially, find it difficult to say no to an invitation, opportunity, or request, in spite… Read more »
  • Is It Time to Change Your Relationship with Fear?
    How would you describe your relationship with fear?   For most of my life, I had an uneasy relationship with it. Let’s just say the power dynamic was off–it was in charge instead of me. I felt the impact at work and at home. At the office, I let it stop me from… Read more »
  • Spring Sales Are Ready To BloomSpring Sales Are Ready To Bloom
    Are Your Sales Starting To Bud? Spring has almost sprung, but what about your sales? As flowers bloom and temperatures increase in the weeks ahead, your business can grow, too. Take a few steps to review what’s happening with your marketing and public relations’ activities now so you can get… Read more »
  • Resilience & Transformation in 2024
    A Special Note: Hey everyone, it’s Cynthia Good, PINK CEO. Thank you for showing up and being part of this community. I’m excited to share this article about creating the life/work you want—which came out of our recent Pink Power Alliance Zoom gathering which delivers hands-on tools women can use… Read more »
  • Want Some Media Love?Want Some Media Love?
    Public relations can get you the attention you desire! Smart business owners know that that one good story in the media can help boost awareness, bring in new customers/patients and provide a competitive edge fast. This is all part of the power of PR, or public relations. After all, when… Read more »
  • Restoring Balance To Your Bank: Dealing with Debt
    Finding yourself drowning in a sea of debt can seem like an inescapable situation, but there are ways to claw your way out, so long as you keep a level head. Here are a few ways to deal with debt and get back on top of your finances.   Consider… Read more »
  • Letting Go of Trying Harder to Fuel Your New Future SuccessLetting Go of Trying Harder to Fuel Your New Future Success
    How are you? I’d love to hear how you are doing in the early stages of this pivotal new year. I sense some of us are destined to break out of old programming/paradigm success recipes more than ever.  To the brave and beautiful women of the Pink community, I bow… Read more »
  • CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF PINK! Welcome to a New Year and a New Decade at PINK!
    PINK wants to THANK YOU for being part of this community dedicated to advancing women at work. It’s a mission we’ve been passionately pursuing for 20 years now! As we acknowledge this milestone and the progress we’ve seen as we continue to bring together America’s most powerful women business leaders,… Read more »

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