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  • Coconut Pudding with Gondhoraj Lebu Compote
    You need four ingredients to make this sinful Gondhoraj Lebu and Coconut Pudding with Gondhoraj Lebu Compote. The balance between Coconut Milk and Gondhoraj Lime makes this dessert one of its kind.  I always have been a fan of simple cooking processes. Cooking or baking is therapeutic yet I prefer… Read more »
  • Crab Malai Curry | Narkel Dudh-e Kakra | Kakra Malai Curry
    This Crab Malai Curry recipe is a gem! Fresh Crabs cooked with coconut milk and the basic spices used for Chingri Malai Curry cannot go wrong after all! Another important thing is that it takes a total of thirty minutes to cook this light crab curry with coconut milk. I… Read more »
  • Chitol Macher Muitha
    Chitol Macher Muitha needs no further introduction if you are a fish-eating Bengali. However, if you are not (a Bangali!) but love to eat fish, do try this Bengali Fish Curry cooked with fishballs. If you can make the Chitol Macher Muitha (Chitol Fishballs) there will be nothing like that,… Read more »
  • Creamy Mushroom Sauce
    Easy to make Mushroom Sauce Recipe! Quick, easy and most importantly you can make a big portion and use it in batches to make different dishes. You can cook this within 30 minutes and top your choice of veggies, Pasta, or choice of animal protein such as Chicken, Pork, or… Read more »
  • Equipment You Will Need for Chocolate Mass Production
    If you want to stand out in the chocolate-making world, you need the right chocolate factory equipment. Tools, utensils, and accessories can make the process a hell of a lot easier. There are some pieces of equipment you cannot go without for bean-to-bar chocolate making. What are the essential pieces… Read more »
  • Sada Aloor Dum | White Dum Aloo Bengali style
    This Bengali Sada Aloor Dum aka White Dum aloo is easy to cook and perfect for an SOS dinner. Easy to cook; a few easily available ingredients and voila! Did I mention this is a no onion no garlic Dum Aloo Recipe? Niramish Alur Dum, not the regular one! Sada… Read more »
  • Dim Beguner Khagina | Begun Khageena
    I had Dim Beguner Khagina for the first time at my in-law's place a few years back. While I was expecting the regular dose of Begun Pora; the Khagina was for sure a surprise. After all, not every day you got to eat a variation of scrambled eggs cooked with… Read more »
  • Narkel Doodh Pulao
    Narkel Doodh Pulao, a subtle and flavorful pulao recipe is finally here at Debanir Rannaghar. I cook it quite often. In fact, I prefer Bengali coconut Pulao aka Narkel Dudher Pulao over Basanti Pulao. This is because of the flavor of coconut milk for sure. The short-grain Gobindobhog Rice is… Read more »
  • Chicken Keema Paratha
    Chicken Keema Paratha aka Stuffed Chicken Paratha is something I make quite often at home. This protein rich paratha is superbly tasty. Moreover, no elaborate side dish is needed along with this. I mostly make these Chicken Paratha for dinner and keep a few semi-prepared for the next days working… Read more »
  • Eggnog | Christmas special Egg Punch
    This recipe was in draft for more than one year! Though I make eggnog every year, however, before clicking a few decent pictures we got to finish the drink at home. Last week while returning from the office we picked a bottle of Bourbon as we were out of stock… Read more »

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