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  • Basketball FRVR – Dunk Shoot
    Basketball FRVR – Dunk Shoot is another basketball goal physics arcade game with 2D cartoon animations. Be different from throwing the ball, you need to fire the weapon on the ball to push it into the hoop. With limited bullets, how many scores can you get while collecting useful items… Read more »
  • Mini Moto Speed Race
    Here is a motorcycle violence-racing arcade game. With 3D cartoon models, you need to avoid all kinds of obstacles and try to strike different AI riders. When you earned some diamonds, you can buy more weapons and bikes in the shop. Glad you will complete more levels and buy your… Read more »
  • マッチアドベンチャー
    カラフルで楽しいマッチ 3 ゲームに出会い、リスの Gemmy と一緒にエキサイティングな旅を始めましょう!ある日、目を覚ますと、森の住民は、夜、誰かが全体の森林の縁を破壊し、今では荒廃していることを発見した。しかし、さらに悪いことに、リスのジェミーの兄弟であるジョニーが姿を消してしまったのです。小さいけれど勇敢なリスを助けて、弟を探しましょう。ジェミーと一緒に森の住人たちと話をし、昨夜の出来事を元に戻して、異世界への冒険へと出発するのです。あなたとジェミーとその仲間たちは、ひとつの世界から別の世界へと旅をし、兄の謎の失踪についての新たな詳細や他の登場人物について学び、他の世界の住人たちと知り合いになっていくのです。ジェミーの兄はどこに消えたのか、そして兄を探し出す という筋書きを進め、解決に近づくには、マッチ3をプレイしよう! カラフルなレベルをクリアして、目標を達成しよう。ゲームプレイが進むと、レベルを早くクリアするための様々なブースターが利用できるようになります。コインを使用してそれらをポンプアップし、困難なレベルではより強力なブースターを使用します。 The post マッチアドベンチャー appeared first on Jackpot City Gaming Sites. Read more »
  • Extreme Supercar: Stunt Drive
    The Extreme Supercar: Stunt Drive is an adrenaline-fueled spectacle of automotive prowess. It pushes the limits of physics, boasting unimaginable speed, precision handling, and ground-breaking technology. Drivers showcase their skill in breathtaking stunts, ranging from high-flying jumps to intricate drifts, executed with superlative finesse. These audacious maneuvers highlight the impressive… Read more »
  • Badminton Clash 3D
    Badminton Clash 3D is a badminton sports simulation game with 3D characters. Before the official match, you can play 3 Warm Up levels for training. You only need to move left and right to launch 1 of the 3 kinds of attacks to goal. According to the enemy’s attack, use… Read more »
  • Connect Hagi and Kisi
    You need to rotate the game level so that the monsters Huggy and Kissy come into contact with each other and form a love couple!Hold the mouse and rotate the level (for PC browsers), or click on the screen and rotate the level (for mobile devices). The post Connect Hagi… Read more »
  • Crack Shooter
    Crack Shooter is a third-person shooting arcade game with 3D stickman characters. The shop has 6 agents, 16 weapons, and 6 parts for you to unlock and use. Each soldier can only use 4 weapons in the pack. Shoot down all enemies and open the chests to get better weapons… Read more »
  • City Fighter vs Street Gang
    City Fighter vs Street Gang provides you with a super fighting experience in this heroic karate game. Street fighter hero fighting game is a professional fighting game, which is full of action in the top game arena environment. You are welcome in the world of fighting games, which seems to… Read more »
  • Beach Rainbow Season
    It’s time to open the summer beach season with your BFF. Time to swim, sunbathe, surf and just have fun. Help these trendy influencers choose the perfect beach party outfits! Girls prefer bright swimsuits and tops, and a sports outfit or shorts are suitable for a guy. Don’t forget to… Read more »
  • Slap King Run 3D
    Slap King Run 3D is a vertical-version running arcade game with 3D colorful stickman characters. It is managed to slap enemies on the track while collecting gold coins. You can use coins to upgrade Kick, Accelerate, and Time. Except for upgrading your character, you can also unlock 6 hats randomly… Read more »

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