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  • Brunswick House
    Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio, Adam Kane Architects have expanded and transformed an existing Californian bungalow in the suburb of Brunswick. Timelessness was a focus of the design to ensure the home ages gracefully for its residents — a growing family. A sense of calm is conveyed through thoughtful… Read more »
  • MINI Countryman Hybrid
    Increasingly, the automotive industry is finding new ways to reduce vehicular emissions and save drivers money on fuel costs. Although holding such deep commitment to environmental sustainability still requires you to make the right choices should you desire that perfect balance between a premium experience and one which is unquestionably… Read more »
  • ASKET Car Coat
    Spring and autumn are typically a mixed bag when it comes to weather. You can often experience a wide range of temperatures in one day — chilly in the morning and evening and quite warm during the middle of the day. It can be tough to know what to wear… Read more »
  • Pride Hang-It-All from Herman Miller
    ‘Diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ are the buzzwords du jour for a lot of brands, as today’s consumer increasingly looks beyond solely the product and towards company ethos, practices and how they treat the varied communities that make up our societies, before making a purchase. For some, these are more than mere… Read more »
  • How To Track Your Sleep For A Better Night’s Rest
    Do you know how well you’re sleeping? For something that’s been part of our lives since birth, the importance of sleep is quite often taken for granted — yet having a good night’s sleep dictates how your waking life unfolds. Did you sleep for less than 7 hours? Are you… Read more »
  • Book Club: Atomic Habits
    How do you form a habit? Or more importantly, how do you break from an established pattern and start taking on more productive, positive habits that stick, transform, and enrich. Maybe you want to work more exercise into your lifestyle? Or perhaps you want to start drinking more water. Whatever… Read more »
  • Interview: HODINA
    Launched in 2014, HODINA is a Seattle-based brand with a focus on minimalist design. Meaning ‘hour’ in Ukrainian, HODINA’s range includes watches, rings and other timeless accessories for those who appreciate a refined, simple aesthetic and ‘less but better’ approach. HEY GENTS spoke with HODINA’s founder, Vadim, about the inspiration… Read more »
  • How To Improve Your Sleep | Home Air Quality
    You don’t need anyone to tell you that sleep is good for your health. That kind of rudimentary knowledge, the fact that we need sleep to survive, goes without saying. Although many of us never examine precisely why sleep is so important — perhaps we should. Having a deeper understanding… Read more »
  • LEKKER Amsterdam+
    The eBike revolution is a welcome charge being led by Australian based Dutch bicycle brand LEKKER Bikes through intelligent and refined design. Now, with the arrival of LEKKER’s newest and most compact eBike, the Amsterdam+, it’s looking like these Dutch-designed vehicles will be much more prevalent on the streets, as… Read more »
  • Coffee Gift Guide
    Coffee is often the bedrock of a productive day, and anyone interested in perfecting the art at home needs the right tools to do so. Equal attention must be given to each and every stage of the coffee-making process. That’s where you come in: the discerning gift-giver hoping to lend… Read more »

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