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  • College football: Nyck Harbor as Tyreek Hill 2.0?
    In addition to his role as a wide receiver at the University of South Carolina, Nyck Harbor is also causing a sensation as a sprinter and can even dream of someday competing in the Olympics. Wide receiver Nyck Harbor from the University of South Carolina is not just a good… Read more »
  • Oregon’s Will Stein Offense: Power Runs Deep
    It was a delightful surprise in 2022, when OC Kenny Dillingham unveiled an old “I” formation with a tight end operating as a fullback. Oregon would use the additional blocker to the tight end side on the line-of-scrimmage to power many plays into key first downs or touchdowns. We have… Read more »
  • Oregon Ducks Football: Undefeated Season Incoming?
    Our Oregon Ducks football program is currently favored (along with Notre Dame) to go undefeated through the regular season. The College Football Playoff is certainly a different story, though that sort of praise from the media early in the offseason places a massive target on the Ducks’ backs to be… Read more »
  • Finding Hidden Gems in Horse Racing History
    Horse racing, often referred to as the “Sport of Kings,” is steeped in rich traditions and captivating stories that span centuries. While many are familiar with the grandeur of the Triple Crown races and the elegance of Royal Ascot, numerous lesser-known aspects of this sport add depth and intrigue. Let’s… Read more »
  • How Can Autzen Be Improved?
    Autzen Stadium. You just imagined the greatest place on the planet. Home of the Oregon Ducks, perhaps the most incredible football program in all the land. They deserve a fantastic stadium, and Autzen delivers time and time again. The atmosphere is off the charts, the song choices throughout the game… Read more »
  • Will Stein’s Oregon Offense: Sequential Plays WIN
    Every college football team has their own bread-and-butter plays that are central and crucial to their offense. The Will Stein Oregon Offense has fascinated me because of how he is dedicated to a passing game that scores boatloads of points, but yet he is also absolutely committed to a powerful… Read more »
  • How Can the Portland Trail Blazers Level Up for the 2024/2025 NBA Season?
    After a season to forget for the Trail Blazers, who finished bottom of the Western Conference, the look ahead to next season has begun in earnest. Portland’s finest ended the campaign with a 21-61 record with a .256 percentage and the season felt like it was over before it had… Read more »
  • May the Spirit of Bill Walton Reign Over Oregon Basketball
    OK, let’s get it out of the way. Yes; his quirky, rambling, meandering and obscure commentary during basketball telecasts could be extremely frustrating — evoking reactions ranging from cute to cursing, endearing to eye-rolling, joy to “you’ve gotta be joking,” and from a sense of comradery to cursing. And, for… Read more »
  • Oregon Ducks Football: Will Bo Nix Start?
    Our Oregon Ducks football program lost some huge pieces of the team’s identity this past offseason, and it’s rare that you can say the team looks completely fine after losses at quarterback at WR1. Fortunately, Dan Lanning immediately got on the horn and turned this team around in the offseason. Now,… Read more »
  • How the 2024 Oregon Offense Will ROCK
    Oregon fans cannot help but be curious as to whether the 2024 Oregon Offense under offensive coordinator Will Stein, could feature more points per game than last year’s No. 2 national ranking at over 44 points per game–while being in the B1G? Something to watch for is the development of… Read more »

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