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  • The Crush Team’s Favourite Comfort Food RecipesThe Crush Team’s Favourite Comfort Food Recipes
    Whoever said, ‘summer bodies are built during winter’, doesn’t know diddly-squat! Winter is for second servings at family pot lucks, Sundays under the covers while hugging a bowl of brandy pud’ and indulging in a good movie or ‘just one more episode’. While we can’t do much to stave off… Read more »
  • Umami: The Essence of DeliciousnessUmami: The Essence of Deliciousness
    We all know about the six essential tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, cold and hot — yes temperature affects taste too. But have you ever eaten a meal and wondered what made it distinctly delicious? Chances are that it’s probably the seventh taste, ‘umami’. While umami isn’t exactly the latest… Read more »
  • Exploring the Making of Chenin Blanc at Kleine ZalzeExploring the Making of Chenin Blanc at Kleine Zalze
    Standing atop a koppie, with seemingly hard and unforgiving soil underfoot, we are privvy to an expansive vista overlooking the rolling hills of Stellenbosch to the left and the beaches of Strand to the right. It is here that Kleine Zalze’s Cellarmaster, RJ Botha, tells us the story of the… Read more »
  • Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Launches Online in South AfricaLyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Launches Online in South Africa
    The trend changing the way the world drinks, and the brand making it possible… it’s no secret the past five years have seen an increased focus on holistic health and wellbeing. Even before the pandemic, ‘social animals’ had become sober-curious, no longer wanting to choose between keeping up appearances at… Read more »
  • The Ultimate Comfort Food Recipe Round UpThe Ultimate Comfort Food Recipe Round Up
    Welcome to mid-winter everybody. It’s a tough time of the year. The weather has started dampening the mood and even the warmest of blankies, layers of clothing and hot-water bottles won’t bring us the warmth that summer has to offer. You can however find solace in warm hearty comfort food,… Read more »
  • The History of Street FoodThe History of Street Food
    Street food culture has been around for millenia. It’s been sustaining the masses in major cities since urbanisation drove many people to find work in city centres. To this day, it still serves that purpose with densely populated cities like Bangkok, Tokyo and Singapore being the street food capitals of… Read more »
  • Where to Get the Best Pizza in Cape TownWhere to Get the Best Pizza in Cape Town
    Praise be to the Italians for introducing the supreme cheesy creation that is pizza. And, shout-out to the modern world for delivering this creation to the rest of the world. The great thing for Capetonians is that we don’t have to venture very far to indulge in some of the… Read more »
  • Street Food Inspired RecipesStreet Food Inspired Recipes
    Many associate street food with floating markets in Bangkok or small báhn mì stands in Ho Chi Minh City, but street food is all over the globe and some of the most delicious options are right on your door step. We round up some of our favourite street food recipes to… Read more »
  • The Shed: A Slice of SuccessThe Shed: A Slice of Success
    As the saying goes, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, in this case — great pizza was a necessity and The Shed was the invention. The neon-lit restaurant, which serves up delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas and immaculate vibes, continue to attract the young and the hungry. Now, two years down the… Read more »
  • A Handy Cook’s Guide to Different Types of SpicesA Handy Cook’s Guide to Different Types of Spices
    With winter well and truly settling in, the time for staying warm and toasty indoors is upon us. With that, what better way to fend off the chills with something hearty and warmly spiced? We’re loving slow-cooked meals this time of year, especially if they’re made with our favourite spices.… Read more »

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