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  • Bonnie Bingo ReviewBonnie Bingo Review
    About Bonnie Bingo opened to players in March 2021 and is brought to you by the team behind many other popular brands online, Tau Gaming. This means that if you’re a stalwart fan of the game, then the chances are you will have come across what this brand has to… Read more »
  • Bubble Bonus Bingo ReviewBubble Bonus Bingo Review
    About When Bubble Bonus Bingo launched in December 2013 it boasted many original features and a unique selling point of an exclusive game. These continue at the site to this day. Back in 2014, the site earned the title ‘Best New Online Bingo Site’ but since then, accolades have been… Read more »
  • Blighty Bingo ReviewBlighty Bingo Review
    About If you’re looking for a site that screams England then Blighty Bingo has to be the brand for you! From the name to the overall aesthetic of the site, it’s all about Britain. With that said, the site is open to all who choose to play here, whatever their… Read more »
  • Cracker Bingo ReviewCracker Bingo Review
    About Cracker Bingo launched in November 2018, just as the festive season got underway and they joined several other Christmas-themed brands like Jingle Bingo, Season Bingo, and Santa’s Bingo. Like dogs though, bingo isn’t just for Christmas! The name behind the brand is Tau Gaming and the software provider is… Read more »
  • Cupcake Bingo ReviewCupcake Bingo Review
    About It was June 2015 that Cupcake Bingo offered up their goods for a taste test to players. At launch, this brand went all out with the theme but it was all a bit sickly sweet; just looking at the home page might have made you gain a few pounds… Read more »
  • Balmy Bingo ReviewBalmy Bingo Review
    About Balmy Bingo launched in February 2019 when we would have all been dreaming of warmer climates or considering where our next summer holiday was going to be whilst in the depths of winter. Opening with a design that transports players to a sandy beach with palm trees and blue… Read more »
  • Lucky Charm Bingo ReviewLucky Charm Bingo Review
    About For years now, bingo players at your local hall can be seen with a lucky charm sat on their table so why not bring this to the world of online bingo? Anything that helps the balls drop in the order we need to complete our card! So why not… Read more »
  • Diva Bingo ReviewDiva Bingo Review
    About Diva Bingo strutted its way onto the online bingo scene in March 2011 and since launch, has appeared to focus its attention on appealing to the fairer sex. Their initial dalliance in the world of TV marketing saw a commercial that focused on a free handbag offer with first… Read more »
  • Hippo Bingo ReviewHippo Bingo Review
    About Hippo Bingo joined the world of online bingo in 2011 and was one of the original sites from Silverspin. At this time, Hetti the hippo was the ‘face’ of the brand but following changes to the regulations from the UK’s Gambling Commission in late 2017, she was retired. Where… Read more »
  • Kozmo Bingo ReviewKozmo Bingo Review
    About Kozmo Bingo has now closed its doors. This review will remain published for historical purposes. When we first heard the name Kozmo Bingo in December 2017 we were confused about the name. A play on the word Cosmos? The original design would suggest that this is the case as… Read more »

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