English ‘murderer’ Tinyiko Rikhotso to release a book

Facebook celebrity and English murderer Tinyiko Tinyi-Tinyi Rikhotso has announced to thousands of her followers that she will be releasing her first book on 25 June 2019. She claims she is inspired by her role model Bonang Matheba, who published her book few years ago.


“TinyiTinyi – Form A to B book is come in June neh? Pls sar port black ex her lens. You bye neh? #TinyiTinyiFormAtoB (Form A to B book is coming out in June. Please support black excellence. Will you buy?” She posted to her almost 120 000 Facebook followers.

The announcement was met by a stadium of excitement from her followers. Fans from all over the country asked where they could find the books. “So Tinyi, where can we find the book because I stay at Mpumalanga,” wrote Perseverance Given Nkosi.

Tinyiko Rikhotso is well-known for her use of English that we’re pretty sure comes with an accent of its own. It is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. According to her profile, she studied English at the University of Limpopo, but now feels it’s time to put her talent to the test by writing a book. The university says they don’t have any record of her.

According to Tinyiko’s manager July Maluleke, Tinyiko’s book will take us through her life journey from her young age in the dusty streets of impopo to a woman she has become today. “I think everyone will enjoy reading the book. Tinyiko is an extraordinary lady who managed to create a great relationship with her fans,” he said.

“The book will be available online and in selected bookshops around the country. The good thing is the release of the book will coincide with her role model’s birthday. She is very excited about the project and looking forward to holding the first copy in her hands. The name of her book is TinyiTinyi – Form A to B,” he added.