Five things you must know about Men’s Conference

Men’s Conference is an annual gathering held on 14 and 15 February where men gather to engage on issues that affect them. This year’s gathering is the largest in terms of numbers and social media popularity. Below are top five thing that you should know about Men’s Conference.

  1. No women are allowed, unless if they are there to provide service. According to organisers, the only women allowed will be beautiful police officers and strippers.

2. The venue of the event is a secret No one is allowed to tell the general public where the gathering is held. According to our sources, the gathering is in Gauteng but they are not sure of the exact location

3. Over 100 000 people are attending this year’s gathering.
Provisional figures shown to Daily Live put the figure at 120 000 attendants from nine provinces and other African countries.

4. No weapons allowed.
To ensure security and safety of the delegates, the organisers made it sure that no one entered the venue with weapons. No one is allowed to be violent. One of the aims of the conference is to encourage non-violent culture by men.

5. Sponsorship and support
The conference has been endorsed by prominent people like DJ Fresh and Tumi Sole. Many companies have pumped in resources to ensure the conference goes well smoothly. All delegates will receive three meals everyday. Artists like Kwesta are booked to perform.

Men arriving at the conference