Moruti Gucci – I spent R150k on Gucci

A Limpopo man claims he spends over R150k every six months on Gucci and other luxurious clothing brands. Moruti Gucci, as he calls himself, has been trending on social media for the past few days after his pictures wearing Gucci invaded the internet. A staunch ZCC member, Moruti Gucci is not shy to share pictures of himself wearing his expensive clothes.



“I am from Ga-Masemola and we are known globally for loving beautiful and expensive clothes. People from Ga-Sekhukhune are the best dressed people in South Africa. That’s the reason I spend every little cent I make to ensure I stand out. People are complaining about January and I spent R50k on Gucci tops just last week,” Moruti Gucci told Daily Live


“Everywhere I go people want to take pictures with me. When I go to funerals everyone wants to be seen next to me because I dress well. All women want to be with me because they want to brag to their friends about me,” he added.


In one of the videos that went viral on social media, Moruti Gucci brags about being able to change clothes three times a day. He encourages men to wear three expensive belts to show their financial power.


Not everyone was impressed with his showing off tendencies. Many people asked how he afforded such expensive clothes when he didn’t even have decent curtains in his bedroom. “Lol, he must buy curtains first, then he can address us, besides clothes are not an investment, he must grow,” wrote Lemashele Lemashele on Facebook.