Zulus say Malwedhe song not welcome in KZN

The people of Kwa-Zulu Natal say they will do everything in their power to ensure no one in their province join the frenzy around the Malwedhe Challenge that has gone viral all over the continent. They say they will not support anything they don’t understand, especially if it is sung in languages they are not familiar with.



“We are not trying to be funny or discriminative, but why must we support something we don’t understand. Everyone knows that Isizulu is the most understood language in South Africa, therefore all trends must be in our language so that all of us can understand. It is also a rule that festive song come from Kwa-Zulu Natal. Why must this year be different?” said a man who identified himself as Jabulani Khumalo from Durban.


The feud between KZN and Limpopo was escalated by the popular disc jockey, DJ Tira who gathered KZN artists to produce a song that will take Malwedhe off the viral train. “In studio with Babes and Tipcee, Mampintsha is on his way. It’s not over !!!!!! Kusengenzeka noma yini,” he tweeted on Friday. His tweet was seen by many as a response to the popularity of King Monada’s Malwedhe Challenge.


Tarven owners have also vowed not to play anything that seeks to compete with KZN artists. One tarven owner told Daily Live that his tarven only plays music that people can relate to. “I don’t want to chase my customers away. I can’t play Malwedhe because people from KZN don’t understand it. We have many talented artists in our province and our people love them. Why must I subject my customers to foreign things? Go faint else where, not in Natal,” he said.


King Monada doesn’t seem troubled by all this negativity. He is fully booked the whole festive season and enjoying the popularity on his new hit. He has been sharing and poking some fun on the videos he’s receiving from fans all over the continent.