Bushiri – Botswana government going to hell

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has lambasted the Botswana government for banning his church in the country. According to the country’s publication Botswana Gazette, the government has closed the Enlightened Christian Gathering commonly known as ECG.


The government of Botswana does not allow anyone within their borders to make what they term ‘miracle money’. Bushiri’s church is not the only church that was forcefully shut down, last month the government banned another one led by a Zambian prophet.

The ban infuriated Bushiri that he threatened the government with a free passport to hell. “All government officials in that country will not see the gates of heaven. God revealed to me in a dream that their decision was motivated by evil spirits,” said angry Bushiri according to our sources.

“Where on earth have you ever seen a house of God being shut down? A country that lacks the absence of God is not safe. I will make sure they all go to hell. I have all the powers in the world,” he added.