Limpopo woman faints inside Spur after eating 7 meals

A 25 year old lady from Bela Bela, Limpopo fainted inside popular restaurant Spur after eating seven plates by herself yesterday afternoon. The lady who works at a game resort in the area decided to spoil herself with a R50 special meal on payday when her stomach couldn’t take it anymore.


One eyewitness said she was shocked when the lady ordered so many meals at once. “I was having late lunch with my children when I saw the lady sitting next to us assassinating food. My daughter even asked if the lady had an extra stomach,” said the eyewitness.

“She started coughing uncontrollably while she was eating her seventh meal. We tried to give her water but she collapsed. We had to call the ambulance to rush her to hospital. I hope that she’s okay,” she added.

Thousands of South Africans flocked to Spur restaurants all over the country this week for the restaurant’s birthday specials. They slashed down prices on selected meals by more than 50%.

The restaurant had to be fully stocked to prepare for the huge demand. “We are fully stocked up and prepared to deal with the huge demand and we ask customers to be patient as we are able to serve everyone,” said the CEO of Spur Corporation, Pierre van Tonder .