KZN woman hospitalised after putting 300g cinnamon in her vjayjay to reduce its size

A Kwa-Zulu Natal woman has been admitted to hospital after she put 300g cinnamon powder in her v*gina to make it tighter.


According to the woman’s sister, the lady read on Facebook that putting cinnamon in her v*gina would decrease its size by more than 80%.

“She has been complaining about her size for years. She complained that many boyfriends left her because of her big size. When she saw people talking about cinnamon on Facebook she tried it,” said the sister who didn’t want to be named.

“She started complaining about a burning pain coming from her private parts. We didn’t take her seriously but when the pain got worse we rushed her to hospital. The doctor found more than 300g of cinnamon stashed in there,” she added.

A Durban-based gynaecologist Rajen Chetty says women should stop putting foreign powders and liquids in their private parts. “That is a very sensitive part of a woman’s body. Women should do kegel exercise if they want to tighten the area. That’s the safest way,” said Dr Chetty.