South African husbands number one in cheating in Africa

South African married men are leaders in cheating according to a South African based American researcher Magan Michaels.


According to Michaels, she interviewed 10000 married men in 30 African countries and 70% confirmed they have extra marital affairs.

In South Africa she interviewed 1200 and 1170(97.5%) responded yes to the question of cheating. South Africa is closely followed by Nigeria which has a 88% cheating rate and Zambia with 87.6% according to the research.

The countries with least cheating husbands are Egypt, Morocco and Libya. All of them have less than 50% cheating rate.

Most of the respondents in South Africa said they cheat because of lack of intimacy in their marriages.
The second factor that leads to cheating according to them is the lack of self-control from the cheaters.