NSFAS millionaire student used R10k to buy Bibles

A Walter Sisulu University student who accidentally received R14m from National Students Financial Aid Scheme allegedly spent R10 000 of the money buying Bibles for other students and hawkers.


According to one of the students who received the Bible, the millionaire student said she wanted to thank God for everything that He has done for her.

“We thought she was crazy when she went on a Bible buying spree. We didn’t even know she got millions from NSFAS. I even thought she was planning to open a church. She spent more than R10k on Bibles for students and the ladies who sell fruits and magwinya by the street,” said the Bible recipient on condition of anonymity.

Another student said she received two Bibles and gave one to her grandmother back in the village. “The authorities must go easy on her because she bought Bibles. We all want to read the word of God. It’s not like she used the money for wrong things. As a Christian woman I think she must be forgiven. After all, it was not her mistake,” said the student with the Bible in her hand.