Sista Bettina to be replaced by THOLUKUTHIHEY as the unoffial national anthem

The controversial Dj, entrepreneur and radio personality Euphonik has become a national hero overnight after changing the lives of two high school learners in less than 24 hours.


The Dj saw a video of Killer Tau singing the killer song #THOLUKUTHIHEY and went on a massive search for the lad. It took him less than 6 hours to trace Tau and got him to perform at the posh night club in Sandton.

Black Twitter entered the fray and forced Euphonik to trace another high school kid whose THOLUKUTHIHEY video also went viral.

The 16 year old hit the studio with confidence and immediately became a hit with social media commentators.

Euphonik posted on social media that he got permission from the young girl’s family to turn her into a star.

“Yes she is. She’s 16 so gonna chat to her mom for permission before anything happens. Tholukuthi si responsible! #THOLUKUTHIHEY,” wrote Euphonik.

Some tweps claim the song will finally topple Sista Bettina as the best song of all times. The song is expected to be officially released on Wednesday.