Mbalula happy four racist men got arrested

Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula is happy the cops responded speedily to the call of arresting four racist white men for attacking a black couple at KFC in Pretoria.


He tweeted “I’ve notified SAPS to attend to this with urgency. Sinoville Police are looking into it”. The cops acted fast and nabbed the suspects within few hours of the Minister’s tweet.

A video of six white males assaulting a black couple went viral on Saturday morning. It is alleged that the racial attack was triggered when the black man asked the driver of a car in front of him to move. Hell broke loose when the 6 white men in two cars launched an attack on the man and his wife.

The black woman can be heard screaming for help on the video while the racist white men continued with the assault. The incident was condemned by many South Africans.

Baze tweeted “Such barbaric incidents need to come to an end period.They take society backwards, stimulate hatred & vengefulness between races #KFCAssault”

Qomie tweeted “The comfort of beating people up without any regard for the consequences is upsetting. SA never moved on from its past! No ways! #KFCAssault”